Friday, December 11, 2009


Is it that hard to be kind??
Is it that hard to hold the elevator for awhile so that the lady in the wheelchair could wheel herself in?
Is it that hard to hold the door for the person who's about to come in on your way out?
Is it that hard to queue so that everybody has a fair chance at the counters?
Is it that hard to help pick up a random person's documents once you've knocked her down?
Is it that hard to give away your seat so that the old man could sit?
Is it that hard to say truthful and good things regardless of how envious you are towards a person?
Is it that hard to take the high road instead?
Is it that hard to NOT win?
Is it that hard to not cheat your way through?
Is it that hard to play fair?
Is it that hard to not be so selfish and self centered?
Is it that hard to at least try to understand and forgive each other?
Is it really that hard to forgive each other??
Is it that hard to show that you care? Coz you know deep down, you really do..
Is it that hard to be helpful? To be gentle? To be kind?
Is it that hard to be kind without expecting anything in return?
Is it that hard to be kind?
Is it really that hard to be just kind??

The answer is NO. The only person who's in the way between you and being kind is your ownself. Being kind is not a weakness, its being humane. So be kind.. for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle, not just you.

.Not just you.


Julie and Julia... (or was it Julia and Julie? .. LOL!! :P)

Its "Julie and Julia" by the way, this movie I've recently watched that basically revolves around a blogger, an inspiring cook, supportive husbands, and FOOD!!! (the BEST part of the movie lol :P). But, what caught my attention the most was of how blogging helped Julie in coping with her own issues. HOW exaaaactly? You'd just have to go and watch the movie yourself :P

But yeaaa, after watching that movie (I tend to get influenced by movies easily lol :P), the idea of resurrecting my old blog (which didn't even have ONE post hahaha!) came to mind, and i thought, since the semester is about to start, and life is soon bound to be its boring self again, with lectures, tonnes of assignments and practically no one to share my daily gossips with lol, WHY NOT, right?? (and Nabil, if you happen to read this, its not gay or anything, but self motivating is more like it hahahahhahaha!! :P)

And so, here I am, starting off this new blog, with hopes that this will not be THE ONLY post i'll post in months to come LOL, and that it'll help me occupy the empty spaces in me that I know Im bound to have once holidays are over. The only reason why the old one was left empty was because I couldn't find the right thing to start it off with. Yea, somehow, intros mean a whole lot ta me. On a 60 minute essay exam, I'll take about 20 minutes just to get my introduction right, suicidal, I know, but thats what usually happens, or nothing will flow freakin'ly riiiight if i don't get THE intro yaa diggg? Yes, weird is one of my characteristics, but hey, if thats gonna separate me with the rest of the population, i most definitely don't mind... hahaha :D :D but whatever it is, lets hope this'll do it.

To the readers out there, whoever you guys may be, I hope you'll be, at the very least, entertained lol :P To myself, YOU BETTER WRITE SOMETHING AFTER THIS COZ YOU'VE SPENT HOURS COMING UP WITH THIS ONE (hahahha :P) and to the blog itself, .....goodluck.. hahahahah! ;P