Monday, August 30, 2010


The Spiritual Retreat (i`tikaf)
Answered by Shaykh Faraz Rabbani

Question: Could you please give some details regarding the rulings of i`tikaf?

Answer: In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

The Fiqh of I`tikaf (spiritual retreat)

Based on Shurunbulali’s Imdad al-Fattah, and other Hanafi texts

In the Name of Allah, Most Merciful and Compassionate. May His abundant blessing and most perfect of peace be on His Beloved Prophet, the best of creation, and his family, companions and followers.

I`tikaf means ‘remaining’ somewhere.

The technical usage of the term is:

a) for men: to remain in the mosque, with an intention,

b) for women: to remain in their designated prayer area (musalla) at home, with intention, or at the mosque (though it is normally somewhat disliked for them to do so).

I`tikaf is a means of great reward. It says in the Fatawa Hindiyya,

“Its excellence is obvious, for the one make such a spiritual retreat:

- Has submitted their entire person to the worship of Allah Most High;
- seeks closeness;
- distances themselves from the worldly distractions that prevent one from proximity;
- drowning their entire time in actual or effective worship, for the basis of its legislation is to wait from one prayer time to the next prayer in congregation;
- it also makes the one is retreat resemble the angels who do not disobey the command of Allah and do what they are commanded, while glorifying Allah by night and day without tiring…” [1.212]

Legal Status

1. Recommendation

I`tikaf is generally recommended at all times, for both men and women, as defined above for each. It is especially recommended in Ramadan, and even more so in the last ten nights, especially the odd ones.

2. Communal Sunna

It is a strongly emphasized communal sunna for at least some people in each community to make i`tikaf for the entire last 10 days of Ramadan, as this was from the communal guidance and practice of the Messenger of Allah (Allah bless him and give him peace). It is blameworthy upon the community as a whole not to arrange and implement this.

3. Necessary

This is when one vows to make i`tikaf. Its minimum is an entire day (and night), and one must fast with it.

Two Important Conditions

Two important conditions for i`tikaf are:

a) that one intend it (and one should intend the general i`tikaf [spiritual retreat] every time one enters a mosque);

b) that one not be in a state of major ritual impurity (i.e. anything necessitating ghusl).

Things permitted during I`tikaf

Everything normally permissible, besides sexual relations, is permitted during i`tikaf, such as eating, drinking, and talk.
What to do during i`tikaf

One should busy oneself with the beneficial as much as one meaningfully can, such as:

1. Voluntary prayer,

2. Reciting the Book of Allah, with reflection, contemplation, and passion,

3. Remembrance of Allah, in all its forms,

4. Gaining beneficial knowledge, and listening to inspiring religious discourses (which is why it is wise to make i`tikaf in a mosque with people of learning, and good company to inspire one towards the good).

One should avoid simply wasting time in things bereft of benefit, let alone the haram, though there is nothing wrong in taking ‘breaks’ in which one relaxes with others, as a means of being able to return to one’s worship with vigor and devotion.

How does one’s i`tikaf end?

When one leaves the mosque or (for women) place of prayer, one’s i`tikaf ends.

During an extended i`tikaf (such as the communal sunna one), one may leave the mosque:

1. For a necessary ghusl.

2. To perform wudu (if such facilities are not found within the mosque),

3. To use the toilet.

Leaving for other reasons will end the i`tikaf.

I`tikaf for Women at Home

It is recommended for women to do i`tikaf (spiritual retreat) in a specific place in their house, a quiet room, for example, whenever they have the time and are able to do so without neglecting their family duties and other responsibilities.

Even when in one’s monthly period, it is recommended in the Hanafi school to sit in a designated place of prayer (musalla) at home, after having made wudu, and make dhikr for the time it takes to pray.

It is recommended for women to designate a place in their houses as their ‘masjid’. They can do i`tikaf there at any time, even for a brief period of time, [Radd al-Muhtar] and attain the great rewards mentioned in the hadiths for i`tikaf (as long as they fulfill their other worldly and religious duties, as is the case for men).

The full communal sunna i`tikaf is for the entire ten days (in the mosque, for men). This is not expected of those working or housewives, for that matter. If one is able to arrange things, and one’s husband agrees, one may perform i`tikaf for the entire 10 days.

However, the fiqh principle is that, “If something cannot be done completely, it should not be left completely.”

Thus, whenever free of pressing responsibilities, women should go to their place of worship, intending i`tikaf (spiritual retreat), even if only for a short amount of time, and keep themselves busy as much as possible in worship.

When she has to do something important, such as go to the kitchen or go shopping or visit a sick neighbor, she can leave her i`tikaf and return when able.

Such an i`tikaf is valid (and recommended) even outside Ramadan for women. In fact, it is best for them to intend i`tikaf every time they enter their place of worship (musalla) even for their daily prayers.

It is not valid for men to do i`tikaf in other than a mosque. [Durr]

The Prophet (Allah bless him & give him peace) said, “Whoever stands the nights of Ramadan in prayer out of faith and seeking reward shall have their previous sins forgiven.” [Bukhari & Muslim]

May Allah give us success to follow the guidance of His Beloved (Allah bless him & give him peace).

Walaikum assalam,

Faraz Rabbani

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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Love and Care

You choose to not care,

You choose to not understand,

Not because you're heartless,
But because you'll become heartless when you do
You'll get hurt.
It'll weaken you.

A friend once asked,
"Will it all be worth it?"
If it hurts really bad,
It means something,
And its worth every bit to fight for..

In the midst of it all,
Now that my head is clear,
I'm glad I got hurt.
Coz now i see,
What it all means.
Its not the time for it.
Even for me.

I needed to see this perhaps,
Thank You,
Thank You Allah for showing this to me..


And I shall continue caring and loving,
I believe its the right thing to do..

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Random from random people

"Yasmin, u dah makan? I tgk u asek buat kerja je"
"Eh tape2, korang makan la dulu.. I'll be okay :)"
"Ha kalau belum, meh I suapkan"
"Eh.. *terkejut*"
"haha aku pulak malu ckp macam tu" -he said to his friends
-I walked away -

"Wake up Yasmin!!" - and he smacks me with his notes

"Come on. Its you. I'll always be there for you. Coz I know you'll be there for me too :)"

"aku tau aku tak membantu, tapi lagi elok kalau kau humban die, daripada kau yang dilanggar lorry, sbb kitorg klu xde dia pon takpa, tapi kalau takde kau, tuhan je la yg tau..."

"Yasmin, u dah nak exam tau"
"I tau!! Tu i geram. I bangun pagi, i tak rasa lansung nak bangun. I nak tido je, biar masa berlalu. I baca nota, it doesn't get into my head! I feel like crumpling it all up, and URGHHHH!!!!! I hate this.. "
"sedihnya.. I rasa nak nanges dengar.. U tak bley cite kat i benda2 macam ni"
"hahahaha kan? Gosh, u jgn start.."
*Starts crying*
"hahahahha omg, ni first time kot budak UKM nampak I nanges. Dh la dlm kuliah"
"Yasmin.. "
"Hahahahaha.. funny huh.. "

"but i'm sure ull be able to go thru this, ure strong, antara yang paling kuat aku kenal"

"I've deleted his number from my contacts. You're right. It helps :)"
"Kan Kan???"
Yea, all i haf to do now is to erase him from my mind.

"I want to go home"
"I'll be in Bangi this weekend"
What are you trying to imply?

"Gahhh!!" - while he shook the seat next to me in the bus trying to startle me
"Eh! Jgn buat macam tu la" - kawan dia tego
"What is it?"
"Fuck off"

"They're jackasses, and yet we love them.."
We're pathetic huh

"Yasmin, u'll never trouble me. If trouble pon, i'd still wanna trouble myself for you.."

"Hahaha ajan bila ada min je, pipi ajan mesti saket.. saket from gelak hahahaha you MUST follow us to Redang. You MUST! No saying no to it :D"
Laughter and happiness can be so superficial sometimes

"no, not now, not this way"

"Follow your heart Yasmin"

"I dreamt of you. And you kene bunuh kot. Pastu I sedih gila"

Life is simple.
Only we tend to make it complicated.
I'm tired.
I'm tired of words.
I'm tired of thinking.
Of feeling.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Things to complete before raya part II

1. Iftar Biomed - This Thursday. InsyaAllah everything goes well
2. Educational trip to Beijing - In progress
3. Blood smear report - OMG, i totally forgot!!
4. Hematology tutorial - This one too!
5. Dr Jacintha's tutorial on immunology - Done!
6. Complete your immunology notes - Done!
7. Complete your biostatistic notes - A lil' bit more
8. Prepare for your presentation on the 24th - Done, and it got postponed. Dayem
9. Post mortem hari interaksi - Done!
10. Be sure to have the organization for the annual dinner before raya - Done
11. Gotta meet Dr Fad - Done
12. Gotta arrange a KSB meeting with Dr Asmah - After Raya
13. Gotta finish your endocrinology report - In BM. Darn
14. Contact Peking University - No response
15. Contact NSTP - Might not proceed with this
16. Contact universities for the mobility program - Some have responded
17. Practice your guitar - I forgot to bring my guitar
18. Try to get past year papers for theory grade 1 - Oh gosh
19. Get a pet fish - Done!
20. Search for the pin for your ball pump - Dah, tapi it broke, again.
21. Gotta find your strength to play basketball, the college team depends on you - Almost there
22. To not miss tarawikh and tadarus whenever im able to perform it
23. Gotta eat more? huhu - Couldn't find the time..

I've settled quite a lot of things yesterday,
Almost all of my problems,
Even with my sister,
There's one more major unsolved matter to be taken care of,
And i shall look through that right after my exams,
If you're reading this,
I hope you'll take note,
Don't bother me with it,
I need time and space,
Hopefully things will go okay..


You don't have to be someone I know,
You don't have to be someone I have something in common with,
You don't have to care for me,
All you have to be,
Is here..
And I'll be loving you already
I love the people around me
Very Very much..

Thank You for being here :)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Hope Bubbles..

A room full of bubbles,
Just floating..

Like crystal balls,
Shimmering rainbow reflections,




But you shouldn't move in a room of bubbles,
You shouldn't touch a bubble,
Or it'll burst,


Saturday, August 21, 2010

To whom it may concern..

To whomever it may concern,

You've got a problem.
You're a coward.
Do you know that?

You deceived me in a way,
I thought you were brave,
You dream like no one else I know,
Building visions and hopes of yourself in the future,
But you seldom care for the things you have now.
And no, i'm not just assuming.

Put me out of the picture,
Put you in the middle,
and with everything that you have now,
and realise that you're just a small speck of dot in it all,
Yet you don't see that do you?
You seldom care.
All you care about,
is what you want after this.
Where's the enjoyment in that?

And when things aren't right for you,
You'll throw in excuses,
One after another,
Blaming this,
Blaming that,
No one is right all the time,
Turn down your ego a bit,
and open your mind.

And the moment when you realise you've lost,
And that you didn't even give your all to it,
That'll be a bit too late to regret,
So cherish what you have now,

I've once said,
What you have now,
Shapes your future..

If you start to lose things that you have now,
Just because you miss sight of things,
What, then, will your future be all about?

Friday, August 20, 2010

Should I or Shouldn't I say it?

Have you ever had the dilemma,
of wanting to express something
when there's this little voice in you
telling you that you shouldn't?

I bet you have,
Everybody has,
Its like one of the biggest dilemmas ever!
hahahahha :P

For example,
You have a question to ask,
For permission,
For a request,
Or you have a bad feeling towards something,
But you know you're friend is having her time of her life with that thing,
Or you're disappointed, Hurt, Mad,
And you just want people to understand..
or whatever,
and you reaaaallllyy wanna throw it out there,
But considering there aren't just goldfish and nemos in the waters,
But piranhas,
swimming around,
that could just SNAP at you,
If you throw the wrong thing..
And that would make you think twice..
Somethin' like that..

When this happens,
What should you do?
Should you keep it in, and let them carnivours conquer you with fear?
And everything will be jolly harmonically good,
Or should you just be yourself,
let yourself get snapped at,
which might make you feel worse,
or make the situation worse,
but at least they heard you..
What should you do?

What should I do?

The logical answer to this would be,
That there should be a balance.
If its that important, just say it!
So what if they snap at you,
You should matter too ya know..

But if its not worth the trouble for,
keep it in.. (???)
emm.. yea.. hahahaha :P

Keeping it in has not been my kind of thing,
I've always believed in confrontations,
But I've had to practice this keeping-it-in thing,
for quite a bit recently,
from all different angles..
And I haf to admit,
Even though it may hurt,
It's worth all the patience :)

But like,
say if im in an all honesty mode,
and I say something that might hurt any one of you,
and if its like a huge thing,
like mega important,
trust me,
For a person who thinks a lot like me (haha),
the contemplations of telling,
has ran thru my mind to and fro,
and it just makes more sense for me to tell,
So yea,
here's a bit of a foresee,
And a sorry in advance,
in case if it happens..

Have an awesome Saturday :)

Pure Imagination

Here's the lyrics to the first song on my play list..

Come with me, and you'll be
In a world of pure imagination
Take a look and you'll see
Into your imagination

We'll begin, with a spin
Traveling in a world of my creation
What we'll see will defy explanation

And if you want to view paradise
Simply look around and view it
Anything you want to, do it
Want to change the world?
There's nothing to it

There is no life I know
To compare with pure imagination
Living there, you'll be free
If you truly wish to be

And if you want to view paradise
Simply look around and view it
Anything you want to, do it
Want to change the world?
There's nothing to it

There is no life I know
To compare with pure imagination
Living there, you'll be free
If you truly wish to be

- Willy Wonka -

I love this song.. :)

"Just a spooonful of sugar helps the medicine go down"

People say I have such a weird taste in music.
I don't blame them.
I would say the same thing.

While people are listening to Muse, Usher,
Okay wait, no, that's a brand hahahahha
I'm trying really hard to list down the newbies,
but i can't seem to find them in this brain of mine
So yea, while all of y'all are up and hangin' with those type of songs,
I listen to soundtracks, instrumentals, and Marry Poppins,
And whenever I share them with someone,
Sadly, they won't get as excited as I do lol,
They'd be something like..
"Err.. ngaaantoknyaa.."
"Oh Okay.."
Disappointing.. hahahaha :P
And no, i've yet to find someone who digs my kind of spliff,
I mean, yea there were a few who came close,
But they dig the ones that haf wordings in them,
Not the true, pure instumental ones that i love,
Its as if i was meant for another era...

It would be cool though yea?
To get a feel of how its like to live in another era,
Where everyone holds firmly with their customs,
All classy,
Classy clothes,
with classy words,
Instead of "I ain't gonna talk to you no more you m-f moron"
it'll go something like,
"Words I have, I shall not waste at this beauty of day, on a breathing good for nothing, snorting animal like you"
or something like that..

I've always found the values the people back in the 18 hundreds perhaps,
To be quite intriguing,
Than the people we have now.
Look at the music they listen to,
The language they use,
The way they dress,
How they live their lives.
How they value respect..

I dont know,
Maybe I am a bit old fashioned..
Oh Blimey..

Monday, August 16, 2010


Everybody has the same chance at being the best we can all be.
There is no such thing as being born unfortunate.
Being born stupid.
Had to grow up in a bad environment.
Lack of materials.
Excuses. Excuses.
I don't believe in such things.

To me,
One is rich not by what he or she possesses,
But by want he or she wills to do,
By what he or she knows,
By what he or she values,
By what he or she has accomplished.

You may have lost a leg when you were three,
But you have the will to compete in cycling competitions,
And you managed to accomplish that,
Thats rich

You may be working as a garbage truck driver,
But you appreciate and love your work,
It makes you happy regardless of what people say,
and you wish to go further in such field,
say like thinking of better ways to collect garbage from house to house,
You propose that idea,
accepted or not,
you were brave,
Thats rich

You have 3 bungalows, 2 swimming pools,
It was your father's,
But even though you possibly can have everything in this world,
You're still down to Earth,
traveling to achieve more knowledge,
Discovering new things,
Thats rich

You're bored with your routine life,
Mathematics or sciences all the way,
You're a guy,
And you love dancing,
and so you take a bold step of taking dancing classes,
Regardless of what your friends may say,
You made your move,
Thats rich

Live an exciting life,
A life worth living,
You have no time?
You lack of inspiration?
Trust me when I say this,
If those two are your excuses,
Whats getting in between you,
and the whole world thats waiting for you,
is You :)
So get out of the way,
and do something..

Thursday, August 12, 2010

And I wanna make sure..

Its funny how humans tend to take advantage,
on things that are there,
all the time,
and would only appreciate their presence,
once its too late

I see this all the time.
Simple example.
You're off to take an exam,
and while gathering all your things,
You noticed you missed out on your pencil,
You searched your back-pack for one,
But there's none,
and all of a sudden an image came to mind,
of a pencil behind your cupboard at home,
that's been there for years,
all dusty with cobwebs and what not,
and you know its there,
but you took advantage, and left it there
and at that very instance,
You'll go..
Happens all the time huh? :P

But like, pencils are still okay,
but bearable..

But to feel that kind of regret towards something more significant?
Like losing an opportunity?
Or people? huhu
Not a nice feeling i tell you

Out of the many bad attitudes to have,
this would be the one i keep reminding myself,
to not have.
Simply because, I know how my heart is too weak
to face regrets

Things come and go,
People come and go

And I wanna make sure,
I live a life where Ill do things,
That i feel like I want to,
I feel right to,
at that particular moment,
coz i don't wanna be thinking later on,
of how regretful i am,
to not take such an opportunity

And i wanna make sure,
I live a life where a departure of something,
significant or insignificant,
matters less than its presence in my life.

And I wanna make sure,
I live a life where everything around me,
Everyone around me,
for as long as they're with me,
know that regardless of what they made me feel,
good or bad,
I appreciate every single second they have for me..

I'll come for you first thing when i reach home tonight okay? :P


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The weirdest dream..


And with this, i mean dreams that you get when you sleep,
Not the goals-ambition-future vision type of dreams,
I think that's been on my mind for quite enough of a lot at the moment lol

So yea, dreams when you get while you're sleeping..
You know how like, sometimes,
You'd always wanna dream something thats so not of your reality,
Flying elephants,
Talking umbrellas,
That kinda of willy-wonka type of thing?
It'd be nice,
It gets your mind off things,
i mean, they're suppose to be off things when you're sleeping KAN?????

But that didn't happen to me last night,
I dreamt of things that had sooooo much to do with my own reality,
It's by far the one that relates to whats on my mind THE MOST.
Dayem brain, can't you give me a break?

So I'm not sure where it started off,
The dream i mean,
But one of the events that I could remember mostly would be,
me trying to catch an escaped turtle in an old lady's house (God knows who she was),
and this would relate to how much i want to have a pet in my room in real life,
and i've been contemplating on either a goldfish or a turtle,
But i never got the time to buy one :(

There was me in my basketball jersey,
and a whole lot of chinese dudes speaking in English,
THIS would relate to how i'm worried about my basketball tournament,
About how i don't really wanna play anymore,
And i just had a meeting about it the night before,
and them chinese dudes would relate to the beijing trip and David,
This basketball captain whom i don't know but i have to see,
To pass him the schedule,
And they're speaking in English coz when i saw David's name on the list NOT being DAVID,
the first thought that ran thru my mind was,
why must they change their given name to an English name?
HAHAHAHAHAHA looney much?

And then there was me in a restaurant,
overlooking the sea,
with hard roaring tides crashing the huge rocks on the bay,
and Elissa was standing on one of the rocks..
I asked her to come in, and although it was hard and she almost slipped,
she managed to reach to me..
Well, funny thing is, about the sea thing, i just read a description of someone overlooking the sea a few hours before that, and yesterday was Elissa's birthday, and obviously I am worried about her, too, due to certain things. But i know deep deep down, she'll work things out in the end, and i've been keeping this thought for a while in my head, and BAM!! It CAME UP IN THIS FREAKY DREAM AS WELL!! goodnesss...

And then there was this part about meeting a friend of mine and his sister,
This friend of mine loves his sister sooo much,
and he was walking around some alley,
and i was following him from behind,
Stalker much?
coz i was amazed by how close they both were,
but in the end, I lost him..
Well, THIS SPECIFIC FRIEND of mine, just got back from Bali,
and I just sent him a wall post before i went to sleep that night,
and considering im having issues with my own sister,
I guess that was why i was following him in that dream..
Like.. whatever happened to my flying elephants???????

And then there was a part about marriage,
I'm not gonna elaborate much here,
Its too personal huhu,
but like, its been on my mind as well,
The good,
The bad,
That kind of thing,
And it appeared in that dream too..

Its either i've been thinking about these things too much,
(But i don't think thats the case, coz like there are other things thats on my mind which i think MORE of),
or that my mind was rearranging memories at that time,
That it happened to work on those sections,
and that made me dream about them..
HAHAHA what on earth am i justifying about again?

But whatever it is,
Its funny how my mind mashed up all the information,
and created glimpses of them like that,
No computer can do that in an instant,
and yet regardless of how looney they are,
they made sense,
they made meaning,
The wonders of a human mind,
MasyaAllah :)

Maybe Im thinking too much of the dream,
But like, thinking too much is me,
And i can't help myself,
Its not like i want to,
the thoughts just come and go,
Even when i want them to stop,
sometimes i can think of three things simultaneously,
I'm not kidding..
But i think everyone can do that as well,
please say yes.. hahaha

and no, im not a mental retard,
haha but i may be if my brain wont stop overdoing itself..
so please brain, give me a break!

Things to complete before raya..

1. Iftar Biomed
2. Educational trip to Beijing
3. Blood smear report
4. Hematology tutorial
5. Dr Jacintha's tutorial on immunology
6. Complete your immunology notes
7. Complete your biostatistic notes
8. Prepare for your presentation on the 24th
9. Post mortem hari interaksi
10. Be sure to have the organization for the annual dinner before raya
11. Gotta meet Dr Fad
12. Gotta arrange a KSB meeting with Dr Asmah
13. Gotta finish your endocrinology report
14. Contact Peking University
15. Contact NSTP
16. Contact universities for the mobility program
17. Practice your guitar
18. Try to get past year papers for theory grade 1
19. Get a pet fish
20. Search for the pin for your ball pump
21. Gotta find your strength to play basketball, the college team depends on you
22. To not miss tarawikh and tadarus whenever im able to perform it
23. Gotta eat more? huhu

oh wow.. HELP?

Thursday, August 5, 2010

This heart wants to do good

I have a heart,
One which I don't understand,
One which I can't read,
But one which has been with me all this while,
One that knows me very well,
and I believe,
One that loves me

I have a heart,
One which feels,

I have a heart,
and its tired,
Tired of feeling too many things,
So, if thats the case, why can't you stop?
Please stop..
You're killing yourself

I have a heart,
and my heart is complicated,
It wants things,
That sometimes,
i can't afford to provide..

Yet regardless of how confusing it is,
how conflicted,
how complicated,
This heart knows me best,
and I love it for just that

I gotta mend you,
I gotta control you,
Show me what you want..

I have a heart,
and all it wants is to do good..

One's mind..

Have you ever felt like
having this a huge burden on your brain

that no matter what you do,
It won't go away?

Burden by your own ideas,
Your own thoughts,
Your own views,
Your own perspectives,
Your own justifications,
Your own expectations..
All at once

I feel that all the time..
It's tiring..
It's nauseating..
And I'm running low on will
I'm running low on strength
I'm running..

They say I think too much,
And yet when my heart feels the same way,
My mind is telling me otherwise,
that i'm not thinking enough..

How's that even possible??

If only there's a switch..
I'd be flickering it..

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I miss..

- I miss queuing up for good mee bandung after prep
- I miss the smell of my matrix's laundry center lol
- I miss playing "tangga" with Shadzwan back when he was the only basketball buddy i had
- I miss watching hindustani movies with my dorm mates
- I miss debating with Izwan and getting annoyed by Acap haha
- I miss the two kittens that would come to my room
- I miss having a double room all to myself hahaha
- I miss being annoying towards my biology lecturer with all sorts of questions
- I miss having to go the surau for Subuh jemaah prayers
- I miss studying alone, at my corner, in the library..
- I miss going to Kuala Nerang to buy DVDs
- I miss the bus rides
- I miss buying pau at bukit gantang
- I miss buying mara liner tickets
- I miss Kedah.. (wow, i can't believe i'm admitting to this lol)

- I miss playing at Blue Park
- I miss looking at all my sailormoon/ gundam wing pictures in the locker i had when i was in 5th grade
- I miss waiting for Digimon to start
- I miss getting splashed my the speedboat
- I miss taking bike rides with Rabia during summer
- I miss hiding at all the wrong places with Sid
- I miss writing to Sue
- I miss quarreling with Farhana
- I miss chasing Rafik around with my camera hahahahhaha! Gile lunatic
- I miss playing baseball
- I miss read alouds
- I miss Mrs Powers, Mr Hanes, Ms Kerr, Ms Pollack, Mr Daly, sensei, my pottery teacher, EVERYBODY
- I miss taking the tramp and the subway
- I miss the smell of the dirty subway lol
- I miss having to pump my mattress everytime we're about to go to bed
- I miss going to Pet's World, and be all amazed with everything that's in the shop
- I miss playing water guns
- I miss myself there
- I miss New York City :(

- I miss cheering for my team
- I miss having fun with basketball
- I miss loving basketball
- I miss my teammates
- I miss basketball being all simple, and just basketball
- I miss having the heart for basketball
- I miss basketball :(

- I miss wearing green
- I miss shouting at people to line up
- I miss skipping class
- I miss walking thru the hallway with my bestfriends
- I miss surprising Cikgu Noraini
- I miss handling choirs and chorus speaking
- I miss chatting with my school mates
- I miss going to leadership camps
- I miss crying in the bilik wudu'
- I miss debate practices
- I miss beating people in scrabble
- I miss the dramas
- I miss waiting for my van
- I miss coming in the evenings for practices
- I miss school :(

- I miss waking up with the feeling of Sam's fur under my chin :)
- I miss waking up by my mom's nagging
- I miss waking up by the voice of my dad, trying to annoy me
- I miss my sister barging in my room without a reason and straight away tell her stories without me having even a clue of who she's talking about..
- I miss playing my piano
- I miss watching tv
- I miss playing games with my dad
- I miss hiding at the 3rd floor
- I miss sleeping very laate at night just to record one of my vids
- I miss waking up very early before anyone else, and start working on my things
- I miss jogging at the park
- I miss the greenery
- I miss my purple room
- I miss my family and home :(

- I miss The Weld
- I miss taking train rides with him
- I miss having dinner every evening with him
- I miss Kg Baru restaurants
- I miss his calls whenever he has the free time to do so
- I miss knowing how he feels
- I miss jogging with him
- I miss getting stuck in traffic jams with him
- I miss listening to songs with him
- I miss seeing him dance haha :)
- I miss losing at chess
- I miss wining too haha
- I miss his beautiful smile :)
- I miss arguing with him
- I miss exchanging CDs with him
- I miss seeing him all excited when he tells me his stories
- I miss him being all vain haha :)
- I miss his spark
- I miss his passion
- I miss his presence
- I miss him hmmph.. :)

- I miss walking thru hallways singing "hey sexy ladeyh" with Syahirah and Elissa
- I miss taking care of Syakirah's turtle :)
- I miss all the swimming pool conversations :)
- I miss the sleepovers
- I miss our book
- I miss being all mischievious with Elissa
- I miss handling problems with Syakirah
- I miss expressing thoughts with Syahirah
- I miss laughing for simply no reason at all
- I miss my best friends..
- A lot
- A whole lot huhu :(