Saturday, April 30, 2011

Announcing, the arrival of the Duchess of Bukit Putus :P

So my mom, dad, and I were watching the Royal wedding on tele, and i was astounded by the people who came! All the kings, queens, princes, princesses, ladies, dukes, all these important people with important titles, whom i completely may not know much of lol!

But what i was amazed with the most, were the hymns. Regardless of the content, (which i didn't understand, thus rather impossible to believe in it or worship it), the hymns were.. mesmerizing. I felt like i was at calm's peak. At peace. I felt... drugged lol! (forgive me). And then a thought crossed my mind (as to how most of my posts would start with lol! :P), there's no instrument that could beat Allah's creation, the human voice. MasyaAllah..

I've always admired the human voice alone, without being accompanied by any instruments. The first piece that blew my mind was Ahmed Bukhatir's Ya Man Yara and Ya- Adheeman.. heard a group of nasyeeed singing it at a UIA event. Itu lagi la, content dia you understand and you believe in it kan.. it simply warms the heart..

A lovely world, this place we live in really. Every small detail sparks an inspiration. Such a waste not to pay attention to them, and appreciate it :) Here's Ahmad Bukhatir's Ya Man Yara. Have a beautiful Sunday everybody! :)

Road to Perdition

Thomas Newman would be one of the greatest modern composers alive,
totally dig his pieces! Perhaps i shall make a cover of this one.. lol

Friday, April 29, 2011

~Dream, how i dream to feel

Dream, how i dream to feel,
Dream, how i dream to feel,

Then everything will fill with light,
A golden sun before its night,

And all that is, and ever was,
Begin again
Begin again
Begin again...

To feel
finally for real


Call me weird, but i find this to be such a masterpiece,
especially when it hits 2:28.
Thumbs up to the chemical brothers!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

6. Bike Riding

6. Bike Riding -- CHECK!!!!!!
hehehhehehe :D

Bike riding was one word, and one word only.. FUN!! lol I took the ride on my usual jogging route, and to be passing by with a bike instead of jogging felt like i was on fast forward or somethin' lol.. but yea, it was fun.

Although note to self, if you ever buy a bike, discard the skinny, hard seats and exchange with a more comfortable one. J Lo would understand why~ hahahahah toodles! :P

In need of sleep

(warning: this post is more of my geeky side ranting.. so expect geekiness lol! :P)

I seriously need a good sleep. Im at the stage where my eyes are literally sloughing out of their sockets lol! But see, apparently my brain doesnt get it coz everytime when i decide to sleep, something would always pop in my mind, and i'll be out of the bed, doing something else. Gahhh its annoying.. huhuhu but newho, Talking about the brain, you'd always hear in stories, or movies of how we're only using 10% of our brain's capacity, where the rest of the 90% remain untapped. Have you heard of this statement? Well recently, i treated myself with a cinema copy of the new movie that just came out, 'Limitless', and it was revolved around that statement alone. So when i did watch it, it got me thinking, what is the leftover 90% of our brain? What are the capabilities of this lot? What else can the brain do that even the brain has no knowledge of just yet? (lol, thats a tricky sentence :P). All of a sudden, like a superhero that has yet to be discovered, i pictured our brain to be.

I started analyzing what our brain can do. Generally, its job is to make sense of things and react to the surroundings. Back in the ancient times, i would assume that people convey their thoughts by showing exactly what they meant by it. And then perhaps, they knew its a hassle, they became smarter, so they created pictures and symbols to describe instead. Now who would know that these symbols will later on be the initial steps towards our two of the most important elements in our life today, letters and numbers. Two systems to make sense of a whole lot of things that are happening around the world. Hey, if it aint for letters, u wouldn't be able to read whatever im thinking now from wherever you are, and if it aint for numbers, there wouldn't be a matrix system to make sense of the whole computer world.. Reading and calculating. Two major points, and if we can only retrieve only 10%, i say reading and calculating is 6% of that whole lot. We read everyday, we count everyday, if it aint for letters and numbers, say if they dont exist, imagine how our world would be and how our brain wouldnt really be functioning? Ever thought of that? lol and where did it come from? From us. We invented letters and numbers, and by these two systems, we managed to boast our brain capacity..

And when i've concluded that, it led me to another thought. Perhaps, thats what our brain needs to retrieve the other 90%. Systems. Perhaps theres something here that we're missing out on, and we're taking it for granted. Perhaps there are other ways to make this world easier to understand, but we're blinded to it. Recognition for example, we've started to recognize people, things ever since the first time men were created. Do you know how the brain does so? I've watched a documentary about it once, that the brain actually calculates the distance of familiarity of ones face, thats how it distinguishes. Now, back then, there are no such things as numbers, yet the brain calculates. Perhaps there's something that our brain does now, but we've yet to exploit that region. For example, instincts. Gut feelings. Ever wondered why and how you have these feelings? Why is your mind telling u that it aint safe when you yourself couldnt remember why? Perhaps theres a system to that, and we've yet to discover that! We've managed to discover two important elements, look at the advancements we haf now, imagine if we uncover all of there is to it.. where would we be...

After boggling my mind about all these thoughts, i looked up on the web about the 10% capacity thing, and it turned out to be a myth. That we are using 100% of our brain, no doubt about that. Oh bummer. But.. then i remembered one of my thoughts of calculations. People back then did calculate too (through recognition), but only managed to discover how gazillions after. Perhaps its true that 100% of the brain is working, but.. have we really discovered HOW it does so? have we really understood it all? MasyaAllah, the knowledge and wonders huhu

See, these are the things our nation lack of. We lack of that desire to want to know more. We're too comfortable with what we haf that we just let things be and not ask why. Look at the stories that made front page of our newspapers, people arguing about some silly dance steps, politicians arguing over a sex tape. When every single day, someone discovers something new, a new understanding to the world, yet that seldom makes even the newspaper. One question, why? Best sangat ke berkuasa ni? Best sangat ke kaya? Happy ke? Well, mmg la best and happy, but only and ONLY if you haf the right intentions at heart. Ini gaduh sana sini tipu rasuah buat malu org, and lepas tu say u win, whoopey, tell me best ke the feeling sebenarnya? huhu and guess wht, diorang ni laa yang we call leaders bahaha macamana nak maju ke hadapan?

I really need that sleep.. @_@

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

~You can't remember, you try to feel the beat

It's like forgetting the words to your favorite song
You can't believe it
You were always singing along
It was so easy and the words so sweet
You can't remember
You try to feel the beat

You spent half of your life trying to fall behind
You're using your headphones to drown out your mind
It was so easy, and the words so sweet
You can't remember
You try to move your feet

eet eet eet..

Someone's deciding whether or not to steal
He opens the window just to feel the chill
He hears that outside a small boy just starting to cry
'Cause it's his turn but his brother won't let him try

It's like forgetting the words to your favorite song
You can't believe it
You were always singing along
It was so easy and the words so sweet
You can't remember
You try to move your feet

It was so easy and the words so sweet
You can't remember, you try to feel the beat

I simply love the lyrics...
Simple yet deep..
and how she sings eeEeeEEeeet over and over again hahahaha
Like a frustration that keeps buzzing in your head,
wanting to be free,
but there's nothin' much you can do about it..
yea. haha enjoy! :)

Monday, April 25, 2011

The List

List of Things to Do Over the Hols! :)

1. Learn how to play the Tin Whistle

2. Catch an Irish musical show, live

3. Reach the top of The Great Wall of China and yodel lol!


5. Jog along the shores of Portrush :)

6. Go bike riding

7. Learn how to ride a motorcycle :D

8. Master one classical piece, FULL, with the guitar

9. Go Fish Spa-ing lol

10. Prepare for my thesis, and the practical research

11. Bungee Jumping

12. Go on another hike, oh i miss hiking!

13. Go ballin' like the old times

14. Jog along the gates of Buckingham Palace, Westminster Hall, and the Big Ben in one route


16. Paint :)

17. to witness a shooting star

18. Learn how to strum!

19. Cook (Dang, haven't done this in a while lol)

21. Create the requested piano tutorial which i've been postponing for too long

20. Make full use of the holidays and enjoy every bit of it

22. hmmm.. :)

And thats about it fer now lol.
I've posted a new song on the mixpod btw,
I find it rather relaxing, lovely, and perhaps sad as well,
Emotional Yasmin haha

27 chapters

There was a moment in the exam hall just now,
after shading in all my 50mcq answers on my OMR paper,
that i took a long gaze at it and wondered,
wouldn't it be cool if like,
there's actually a code
behind all these shadings of answers?
Like a clue,
or a hint,
or clue,
or a HINT,
(oh yes, a hint would be very useful at that time alright! bahahhaha)
hahahaha gahhh!!!
I've never had that many MCQs
to answer in my whole entire life!

And i haven't even started on my essays yet..
Oh i sure loathe you exams..

lol :P

So long patho-physiology,
and the 27 chapters that goes along with it!
See ya! Wouldn't wanna BE ya!

*and these mosquito bites are annoying!!!!!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Need a track to jog to? Here's one ;)

Perhaps i'm a bit outdated,
but i love this lol, and i might consider putting it on my mixpod! lol
I shall jog to this this evening!
Enjoy your Sunday, folks! ;)

Cherating :)

I love this picture lol :)
(PS: This was taken by using the self timer tau!
Same goes with yang lain2 dekat beach..
haa coz apparently, no one wanted to
follow me and take pictures pagi ni..
which explains why I'm the only one in the pictures lol
tisk tisk too bad :P)


One fine Morning :)

Mama and Me :)

Ayah and Me :)

I like how the colours blend, it seems all whimsical lol

Sister, Boyfriend, and me haha! :P

Sister :)

Pray for me that i'll do well on my exams tomorrow! :)

Epic Mosquito Bites!

World Invasion: Los Angeles was about gazillion bullets, fit dudes in army uniforms, and massive destruction here and there, and thats about it lol. I kinda slept half way through while watching it with my dad last night, i mean who wouldn't? At that hour with the low volume we had to abide by, all i could hear was "tetetetetetete...kababoom..tetetetete....Aaaa!! Aaaa!!...tettetetete" (<-- tu bunyi machine guns btw lol!! :P) bahahhaa! Bangun2 je dah pukul 6, in front of the tv with a sharp pain on my back and epic mosquito bites all over my feet! Nice going Yasmin..

Anyway, I just got back from a family vacation to Cherating, (and will post pictures soon as requested :) and to my coursemates, i know i shouldn't be vacay-ing considering theres a major paper tomorrow but like.. my mom insisted on my going.. i just had to ya know!! *innocent face* haha :P) and a lot happened during the trip that got me thinking of a whole lot of other things lol. One of them would be this kid i met while my sister and i were buying banana fritters (pisang goreng).

By the looks, i'd assume she's around 5 years old, and her sister was older by a year or two. Both of them just got back from kindergarten, considering the uniform they had on with their pink bag-packs, and here they are, helping their mother and aunt selling pisang goreng and keropok lekor. So the elder sister was telling the younger one to sing a song.. It was quite hard for me to catch what they were talking about, with the Terengganu dialect and what not. But thanks to my 10 months in KMKN, i managed to understand a thing or two lol and so yea, the elder sister was telling the younger one to sing. I was anticipating on a nursery rhyme, like twinkle twinkle or something, or perhaps a nasyeed, or a malay song, something that these locals might be familiar with, or so i thought.

But................................ no, i was totally wrong. This kid didn't sing no nasyeed, no local malay tune, no nursery rhyme, instead this 5 year old kid, sang LADY GAGA's Bad Romance. I. Was. Literally. SHOCKED. hahahahha No, i have nothing against these kids singing lady gaga, but i remembered when I was 5, all i could sing was nursery rhymes, and was only introduced to what was hip then, The BackStreet Boys, when i was 7. And sampai ke kawasan yang so rather remote macam ni, Lady Gaga has successfully managed to spread her wings and touch these people's lives simply by crampin' together her whacky tunes.. That is just, amazing! Or is it?

I couldn't stop myself from thinking how we're easily connected to one another nowadays, after what i have witnessed. Imagine, it took months for a message to be conveyed 100 years back, but now, its simply at the tip of your fingers. This kid most probably has access to astro i would assume, and considering the channels on astro, who wouldn't be as well informed of whats out there? huhu. Its like, she has more choices in what to like and what not to, like this Lady Gaga incident, she could choose that over 'Anak Itik Tokwi' or something, where as I had no other choice when i was 5 but to like 'Old Mcdonald had a farm" coz i was not exposed to anything else. All this is good i guess, but, see, what they show on the media, is simply whats being accepted globally, and you cant deny the fact that its a bit westernized. And then i thought, if these kids are thought to sing Lady Gaga songs, who then would preserve our traditional songs in the future? Who'd remember them?? And what about everything else?

I've been to a number of cities. Kuala Lumpur of course, London, New York City, Chicago, Paris, Singapore, and guess what? They're all the same. Different looking people, perhaps, but they're more or less the same, wearing similar clothes, shopping at similar looking malls, listening to similar songs, different languages, true, but they're expressing of the same things, the same needs.

Its alright i guess, but you can't deny the fact that the more we're exposed to things...

the more we're exposed to the SAME things like everybody else,
the more SIMILAR choices we have with everybody else around the world,
the more we MAKE the same choices,
the more we lose our cultural unique-ness.

When you go to these countries, if you wanna see something more authentic, you'd haf to always go out of the cities and into their small towns, thats where you get to see different identities. But what if these small towns are also practicing the same things as to what they do in the cities, who'd then preserve their cultural practices? And by the looks of how things are going, i wudn't be shock if one day, every country looks the exact same from one another.

Thats one thing, what about the content of information being exposed? I believe everybody has the rights to be exposed to everything, but there's always a right time and the right level of maturity to it. Its easier to control this back then, but now, with the borderless access everybody has to information, this is no longer of our control. Thats good and yet scary in some ways :S I do understand that we need to move forward, we need to improve. But moving forward doesn't necessarily hafto be in the same freakin' way right? Everybody has their own ways, and im afraid people are losing sight of that.

Urbanization folks,
thats what they call it (haha :P).
and You can't stop it from happening,
nor slow it down..

So yea,
be well prepared for it :)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Lough Erin Shore - Piano Cover :)

We were checkin' out the new unifi that has been installed at my home recently, my dad and I.. and he was browsing through video links that he had posted on his facebook to show how fast the internet connection is now, lol.. And he turned on Lough Erin Shore by my all time favourite band, The Corrs.. Couldn't get the melody off my mind, and so i decided to make a piano cover out of it lol. As usual, me playing it by the ear, i think i missed a few notes here and there.. but hope its alright.. I love irish music! ENJOY!!! :D

Joy of Life :)

You know how you've been dreaming about it,
Ever since you're young,
And now that its in the palm of your hands,
Waiting to be held tight,
Now that its soooo close,
Too close,
That it puts you in a state of nervousness,
and fear,
of it all to fade away before you could really get a hold of it?

Thats how i feel at the moment..
Pray for me that everything goes well readers! :)

Here's a piece from the Corrs.
I've loved them since young,
and have always wanted to experience
listening to such a music live,
lets hope that i will get to do so :)

Monday, April 18, 2011


Children Dearest,

Greetings. (bahahahaha yes, mommy loves to pretend that she's from another planet and give out 'greetings' rather than hellos and hyes :P) Anywhoo, how's school? How's life? Have i scolded you after the previous letter i wrote to you? I have? uUuuu somebody's in tro-uh-bullll lol! What did you do? Wait! dont tell me, did you sneak out to go... volunteEeEer at some old folks home and read stories to the old grannies but afraid to tell me because of some reason that's obviously irrational coz of course i would let you! but yea, was that it?? Awwww u're most def mommy's children alright hahahaha!!!

Well whatever the reason is, do know that, if i scold you, there's always a reason for me to do so, which would alwayyyyyss.. ALWAYS make mommy the RIGHT one. okay? mommy is never wrong, and i'm always ALWAYS right! So don't u ever think of disputing otherwise.. Ayy Ell Double uu Ayy Why assss.. ALWAYS!

*crick *crick....................
*crick crick crick.........

aaaaaaand of course i'm just kidding! hahahaha no, i'm no Hitlerassputia or anything.. ;) But with such a bombastic introduction, (cheyy, angkat bakul sendiri hahaha!) this would bring us to one of the many things i'd like to tell you, before i become a mother and forget how it is to be a child like u :) Okay, perhaps two things. ehee~

One is to never fear me. I would love you to respect me, respect me as your mother, and that is a must kan, but please do not fear me. I am but a human being like you, powerless and would only dream to make you happy, live life the way best suit you and thats it.. (okay, if this mushyness ever come from a guy your grade, its rather psychotic. and i suggest you leave him at once! hahahha but its alright if its coming from your mother though, mothers are special hahaha :P). I'm never gonna lock u, feed you till u're fat, and eat you up like in Hansel and Gretel, coz eating human beings are disgusting haha and of course because i love you guys to bits already!! So don't fear me. If there's anything on your mind, if you're facing with a problem, or if you have questions, i'll be very glad to entertain you.. but of course, timing kene pilih betul2 sket laa.. kalau i'm in the toilet tgh mandi, n u're out there asking me why the grass is green, that's like ASKING for it ya know lol..

Second, would be to always ask why. Seek for reasons, never settle for anything unless if you know why you're doing so. Previously when i said i'm always right, know that, no one is always right accept for Allah and whats stated in the Quran. If you have any doubts, clear them, seek for answers, and thats how you really live. Look around you, love, miracles are happening, but you wouldn't get to know them if you don't notice them and ignore them dont u think? And that would be such a waste.. :) So if i ever scold you for irrational reasons and you dont get why i did so, give me like 10 minutes to cool down, come to me and talk to me and ask me why, and then share with me what you think. If it seems like it ain't one of my good days, and im acting a bit too emotional, tell your dad, he'll 'pujuk' me bahahahahha!, and then we can talk, yes hahahahhaha!! :P

I just finished my toxicology paper today, and boy, do i loathe exams sooo much!! DO they still conduct exams in your time? Whatever it is, I hope you'll be able to do what you really want to do in life children, never say never! (Justin bieber skett haha :P).. till next time, much love and take care of yourselves! :)

ps: Mind doing me a favour and treat me with some good ice cream? love you guys! hahah :D

Gotta love Switchfoot!!

Here's to Mister 'not-so-private' follower who has only listened to ONE track of Switchfoot (which of course would be none other than Dare You To Move, so typical.. tsk tsk.. hahaha! :P) , here's another cool track from them. LISTEN TO THE LYRICS.. its like, so.. ME hahahhahaha! this goes to my other readers as well. Apparently, today would be one of the nicest mondays ive ever had this year.. Alhamdulillah! :)

This is the rock-ish version

and this one pulak is the acoustic version :)

One of my all time favourites.. enjoy!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


One of my best friends shared an article with me today, an article worth reading regardless of who you are, and where you come from. Its entitled, "Why do people leave?" by Yasmin Mogahed. Agak panjang jugak laa, but i guess Yasmin-Yasmin ni mmg suka tulis panjang2 agaknya hahahahahhaha! :P Here's a link to it. Do read, especially if you're a muslim, and u feel lost.. :)

Here's the link to it:


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Lights of Monterey :)

If you could read my mind
You'd say baby you're right
And I don't wanna fight anymore
You're usually righter than I am
And I'm not a very good fighter
And my, neither are you

So let's be through with this one
Cause some things never change
I know you're still my same girl
Who builds her own frames
For the pictures that she paints
The lights of Monterey
Come in across the bay
Right back to my same girl
Uhmmm hmmm hmmmm
Uhmmm hmmmm hmmmmm hmm
How can you be so calm when the truth is sometimes
Living in the eye of the storm
With everything going on around us
I feel comfort in the sounds when you say
It will be OK
Like a star that's immune to the light of the day
Told dreams it could follow me
But not with my same girl
How builds her own frames
For the pictures she paints
The lights of Monterey
Come in across the bay
Right back to my same girl

hehehe i'd stop whatever it is that i was bickering about
if my significant other sat down and sang me this lol..


Monday, April 11, 2011

Lesson Learned

Life perfect
Ain't perfect
If you don't know what the struggle's for
Falling down ain't falling down
If you don't cry when you hit the floor
It's called the past cause I'm getting past
And I ain't nothing like I was before
You ought to see me now

Yes I was burned but I called it a lesson learned
Mistake overturned
So I call it a lesson learned
My soul has returned
So I call it a lesson learned
Another lesson learned



Gazing at their shimmer,
as they were hung up above us,
Like constructed mobiles,
Above a child's cot,
To grab our attention,
To show their presence,

As if they're saying,
"Hey, when will you
be coming to visit me?

I've been waiting for u,
for a very, very, long time"

I wonder how it is to be up there,
To be a part of the whole wonder,
To see it with my own eyes,
To witness,
To feel,
Up close.
To understand.

Perhaps there's someone there, too,
Doing the same thing,
And thinking how wonderful it is,
to discover where i am now,

Yet how will i know..
Will i ever know?
A sudden bolt of pain struck the heart...

But whats logical is,
that they couldn't have made it up there,
without a certain power,
They couldn't be as majestic as they are
Blanketing our nights with their beauty,
if it weren't for a higher calling,

These are signs of a creator's presence,
of The Creator.

How thoughtful of He
to have created these wonders,
To accompany my nights,
Our nights,
Like nothing else can,

No one else can...

A gust of wind whispered
pass my cold cheeks,
Like a lost embrace,
It brought warmth that filled my every vein,
How close He is with us,
with me.

I gazed at the stars again,
These are the stars that we should look up to,
Stars we can never look down to,
Stars that are worth knowing,

And I grinned

"I'll visit u
when the time is right alright,
if not me, my children will.
And I'll make sure of that,

if He wills it.

I'll make sure of it"

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Thousand Splendid Suns

Perhaps the timing was rather peculiar, but an old part of me came for a visit yesterday after such a very long time. Yes, its the part that had a huge thing for NOVELS lol.

The kind that gets you eye-glued to the book that when you look at something else your head gets all whoozy lol,

the kind where you just can't let yourself put it down or the curiosity will haunt you like a ghoul,

the kind where the images of the words you've just read kept playing in your mind again and again that you tend to space out from the realness of reality lol.

I haven't been that way for awhile. Not until yesterday, when it came by and said hello.

Lingering i was at the bookstore, searching for a book to kill an hour and a half before the movie starts. Something nice that i could sit at the bench and read without having to find any other book. I did this recently, like a month ago, but that was due to the fact that the book was totally out of my budget and i decided to finish reading it there and then. It was a guide book on how to take care of hamsters btw lol. But this time, the situation is a bit different. So while i was browsing through the shelves for a book, I saw 'The Kite Runner'.

Many people have told me how good the book was, i even bought it once, but i was not able to finish it. Not even a chapter lol. Not because it was not good, but i guess i didn't really feel like reading at that time. The last time that i was really into novels was during matriculation, with the twilight series. That was four years ago. And then there's 'The Last Lecture' by Randy Pausch which was recommended by a friend of mine who's so into self-help books lol. The only reason i finished that book, tho, was not purely because of me wanting to finish it, but rather because i was stuck in the plane for quite a number of hours and i didn't have anything better to do (but its definitely a good book. It may not be my kind, but its alright hehe). This was last year, and after that, no more novels.

Next to the Kite Runner, was 'A Thousand Splendid Suns' by the same author who wrote The Kite Runner, and that was the book i held on to. I did pick out another one, which title i have forgotten lol, but it had a very antique map of the world as it's cover lol. With those two books, i found myself an empty wooden stool to sit on, and started with A Thousand Splendid Suns. I may not do it enough justice, but out of all the books that i have read, not one ever pictured such honesty and hardship as this novel did.

Before i knew it, an hour and a half passed by just like that, and i was at page 140. Glued to the book, i tell you. Simply. Glued. lol. But i had to leave for my movie. I never expected to buy a novel that evening, really. But this one, i had to. and i did.

I'm done with the book now, and i'm left with mixed feelings. Like how movies are projected, each of the author's words came to live and depict images i can make sense of. A tale that had no pinch of fakeness, and the emotions felt so real. One of a kind, this novel was, or else, it wouldn't have made me sat there for an hour and a half attended just to it, considering the years it took me with so many books to do just that. It wasn't just an hour and a half. It included my whole night and this morning as well lol I missed this :)

It may be a tale, but parts of it i believe do happen out there. How men treat women the way Rasheed did to his wives, the way Jalil did to Nana, how the beauty and simplicity of Islam is being misunderstood, how politics can ruin the nation, how greed and hunger for power ruin everything, all the sufferings, the separation, the sacrifices. Although the story may not be true, these things are true in other stories out there. And i've always wondered, humans are made to be equal. All the sufferings and happiness one feels, others will feel it, too, perhaps in other ways, but with the same impact. Now, how will i ever be able to cope with similar sufferings as to what these people had to go through? huhu At such a comfort zone we are in now, as we have the luxury to be in denial of major things that are happening out there, and instead making all these small misfortunes around us a huge matter that often makes us lose sight of the bigger fortunes we have, how will we ever cope? Can we ever cope?

"And to Allah belongs the east and the west. So wherever you [might] turn, there is the Face of Allah . Indeed, Allah is all-Encompassing and Knowing."
Al-Baqarah 2:115


Monday, April 4, 2011


Yes, aku dapat plazarah.. SHITSZZU lol.. Not that i don't like the place, i mean, its alright, *hoping to get an awesome view..... and a room thats not directly facing the sun coz i wudn't wanna be bakin' in the room and turn into a nice, puffy, BLOADTED souffle*,but like, where am i gonna park my car? Where am i gonna jog? Exercise?? EXERCISE!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! pfttttt and the thought of the surroundings bringing a whole lot of memories which i hate to be reminded of is not pleasant at all... hmphhhh Buttttt its definitely nothing i can't handle, that i know :) Perhaps, new memories can overwrite the old ones, who knows huh? *Scratch the awesome view, i want a well mannered hottie hunk neighbour livin' next door, yes!* BAHAHAHAHHA!!!! @_@'

So what to blog about tonight.. Lets talk about.. RELATIONSHIPS.. yesss, a topic i rarely talk about simply because............ *crick crick*................WELL I DONT REALLY KNOW WHY I DONT LIKE TO BLOG ABOUT IT, STOP PRESSURING ME!!! *aksi tarik rambut sampai putus!* hahahhahaha.. BUT i feel like blogging about it tonight.. and so, here it goes

Relationships. Why must people be in a relationship? Don't get me wrong, i haf nothing against being in a relationship, lol, but i do tend to ask myself, why? I mean, you can naturally have special feelings for someone, and not be in a relationship kan? Its so much better that way. Being in a relationship pon bukannye u can like really really claaim that person, or at least that's how it is according to my beliefs :) And things will be more sincere in a way.. you'd do things totally out of love tau, not because he or she is just your girlfriend or boyfriend. SO why are people so keen with the idea?

One major reason, would be none other than security.

1. You feel secured having that person you love to renounced to the whole world that he or she is your boyfriend/girlfriend, so the other bitches and jackasses should stay awayyy.

2. You feel at comfort to know that hey, i hav someone special for me, and he or she will treat me special coz he or she's my girlfriend/boyfriend.

3. You feel at comfort to be havin' the idea that you won't be facing the world alone.

4. And most of all, you feel safe to have someone you like to BE in a relationship with YOU officially which technically MEANS that him or her have the same feelings towards you, too. TECHNICALLY tho.

Betul tak? Betul kan? lol. And again, i haf nothing against these reasons either. If you think they're enough for you to proceed, by all means!!! Go ahead!! lol, they used to be my reasons as well whenever i venture myself into a certain relationship.

But whenever something is already official yours, the chase is over, and you tend to lose sight of things, you tend to take things for granted. Taking your partner for granted tu satu, macam aku ckp tadi, you do things merely because of that obligation you have towards that person, and sometimes not purely out of the feelings you have towards that person. Taking yourself for granted is another thing. You become toooo dependent with the idea of having someone to be there, that it shadows your true capabilities, and when he or she is gone, you lose all faith. That is wrong.

The idea of being in a relationship, is simply to have someone there to care for you, to support u. And let it be just that. Its not there to determine how your life is gonna be, its not there to dominate your life, its not there to be the reason for everything, its not there to be the reason for you to live! And when you let it become more than that, you're in deep shit my friend, you're delusional because believe me when i say this, regardless of whatever idea that you've been putting in your minds and how you wanna bend things, IT IS SIMPLY, JUST THAT, AND NOTHING MORE. So to be safe, don't treat it like it is.

Like i said, again, i have nothing against being in a relationship, but when relationships dont go well, its frustrating to see people around me living for the wrong reasons, making the wrong things a big deal in their lives, crossing the wrong lines, and how fucked up their priorities are. You may think, aish yasmin ni, macam bagos je ckp, cuba kalau dia dlm relationship kite tgk macamana.. well sbb aku pernah kene laa aku ckp macam ni skrang.. lol. Before you love anybody, remember to take yourself into account first. Diri sendiri tu jaga dulu, diri sendiri tu get to know first, focus on yourself! This is the time! Siapa lagi nak buat kalau bukan kita? Bila lagi? Nanti dah time untuk kawen, ada anak, haa pikir laa pasal org lain all you want. But now? Now is YOUR time.

*But who am i gonna live for now that he or she is not there? I feel so empty..

If you feel empty, fill it in. Macam laa bila ada that specific person tu, kau tak pernah rasa empty kan? lol emptiness ni, tade org yang boleh make us feel better in that wise aside from ourselves. So take charge of your life, don't let anyone decide how you're gonna be aside from Allah and yourself. Okay, he or she is no longer there, well adapt to it! Now you have more space to do something else, to experience other things. Take this opportunity and don't waste your life with non-beneficial activities. Ramai org kat luar sana yang saket, wishing that they have your health, and here you are wasting it over someone who's not worth it at all. ?_?

Before you take it to the next step, always be honest to yourself and remind yourself of the reasons why you're taking this particular step. Don't take it as something more than you should, and never stray from it. And if it doesn't go the way you've always planned to be, always be reminded that its not the end of the world, until you let it be.

Relationships never come with any warranties.
So don't act like they do.