Thursday, April 28, 2011

In need of sleep

(warning: this post is more of my geeky side ranting.. so expect geekiness lol! :P)

I seriously need a good sleep. Im at the stage where my eyes are literally sloughing out of their sockets lol! But see, apparently my brain doesnt get it coz everytime when i decide to sleep, something would always pop in my mind, and i'll be out of the bed, doing something else. Gahhh its annoying.. huhuhu but newho, Talking about the brain, you'd always hear in stories, or movies of how we're only using 10% of our brain's capacity, where the rest of the 90% remain untapped. Have you heard of this statement? Well recently, i treated myself with a cinema copy of the new movie that just came out, 'Limitless', and it was revolved around that statement alone. So when i did watch it, it got me thinking, what is the leftover 90% of our brain? What are the capabilities of this lot? What else can the brain do that even the brain has no knowledge of just yet? (lol, thats a tricky sentence :P). All of a sudden, like a superhero that has yet to be discovered, i pictured our brain to be.

I started analyzing what our brain can do. Generally, its job is to make sense of things and react to the surroundings. Back in the ancient times, i would assume that people convey their thoughts by showing exactly what they meant by it. And then perhaps, they knew its a hassle, they became smarter, so they created pictures and symbols to describe instead. Now who would know that these symbols will later on be the initial steps towards our two of the most important elements in our life today, letters and numbers. Two systems to make sense of a whole lot of things that are happening around the world. Hey, if it aint for letters, u wouldn't be able to read whatever im thinking now from wherever you are, and if it aint for numbers, there wouldn't be a matrix system to make sense of the whole computer world.. Reading and calculating. Two major points, and if we can only retrieve only 10%, i say reading and calculating is 6% of that whole lot. We read everyday, we count everyday, if it aint for letters and numbers, say if they dont exist, imagine how our world would be and how our brain wouldnt really be functioning? Ever thought of that? lol and where did it come from? From us. We invented letters and numbers, and by these two systems, we managed to boast our brain capacity..

And when i've concluded that, it led me to another thought. Perhaps, thats what our brain needs to retrieve the other 90%. Systems. Perhaps theres something here that we're missing out on, and we're taking it for granted. Perhaps there are other ways to make this world easier to understand, but we're blinded to it. Recognition for example, we've started to recognize people, things ever since the first time men were created. Do you know how the brain does so? I've watched a documentary about it once, that the brain actually calculates the distance of familiarity of ones face, thats how it distinguishes. Now, back then, there are no such things as numbers, yet the brain calculates. Perhaps there's something that our brain does now, but we've yet to exploit that region. For example, instincts. Gut feelings. Ever wondered why and how you have these feelings? Why is your mind telling u that it aint safe when you yourself couldnt remember why? Perhaps theres a system to that, and we've yet to discover that! We've managed to discover two important elements, look at the advancements we haf now, imagine if we uncover all of there is to it.. where would we be...

After boggling my mind about all these thoughts, i looked up on the web about the 10% capacity thing, and it turned out to be a myth. That we are using 100% of our brain, no doubt about that. Oh bummer. But.. then i remembered one of my thoughts of calculations. People back then did calculate too (through recognition), but only managed to discover how gazillions after. Perhaps its true that 100% of the brain is working, but.. have we really discovered HOW it does so? have we really understood it all? MasyaAllah, the knowledge and wonders huhu

See, these are the things our nation lack of. We lack of that desire to want to know more. We're too comfortable with what we haf that we just let things be and not ask why. Look at the stories that made front page of our newspapers, people arguing about some silly dance steps, politicians arguing over a sex tape. When every single day, someone discovers something new, a new understanding to the world, yet that seldom makes even the newspaper. One question, why? Best sangat ke berkuasa ni? Best sangat ke kaya? Happy ke? Well, mmg la best and happy, but only and ONLY if you haf the right intentions at heart. Ini gaduh sana sini tipu rasuah buat malu org, and lepas tu say u win, whoopey, tell me best ke the feeling sebenarnya? huhu and guess wht, diorang ni laa yang we call leaders bahaha macamana nak maju ke hadapan?

I really need that sleep.. @_@

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