Monday, April 26, 2010

Things to accomplish during the semester break :)

1. Gotta build more stamina
4. Attend the referee course :)
5. Look up for guitar classes :)
7. Check on the outbound program
8. Complete Brandon's scrap book :)
9. Go cycling!
10. At least ONE TRIP to the beach :)
11. Record a collab with Den Salleh :)
12. Consider giving Aisyah and her friends chemistry tuition
13. To complete a 200km run at the end of the vacay
14. Learn how to BAKE! :D
15. Organize my textbooks in proper order
16. Organize my wardrobe
17. Probably get NEW STUFF to fill in my wardrobe (YEAH!! haha :P )
18. Write to Rabia
19. Attend the conference in Singapore
20. Watch more documentaries
21. Read more
25. Go swimming at Sya's
26. Volunteer at either the zoo, ASPCA, a pet store, Aquaria, or some random KinderG
27. Take loads of photos :)
28. Say hye to an old bestfriend :)
29. I wanna go snorkeling :(
30. HAF TONNES OF FUN!!!!!!! WEEEEEEEEEE!!! heheheheheheh :Db

Friday, April 23, 2010

The Only Exception

"..and that was the day that I promised
I'd never sing of love
if it does not exist..

Maybe i know somewhere
deep in my soul
that love never lasts
and we've got to find other ways
to make it alone
keep a straight face

And I've always lived like this,
keeping a comfortable distance
and up until now i had sworn to myself
that I'm content with loneliness
because none of it was ever worth the risk

I've got a tight grip on reality
but i can't let go of what's in front of me here

You are the only exception
You are the only exception

and I'm on my way to believing
oh and I'm on my way to believing..."



Tuesday, April 20, 2010

3:117, 3:120, 3:134 - Al- Imran :)

"What they spend in the life of this (material) world may be likened to a wind which brings a nipping frost: it strikes and destroys the harvest of men who have wronged their own souls: it is not Allah that has wronged them, but they wrong themselves" 3:117 - Al Imran

"If aught that is good befalls you, it grieves them, but if some misfortune overtakes you, they rejoice at it. But if you are constant and do right, not the least harm will their cunning do to you, for Allah compasses round about all that they do" 3:120 - Al Imran

"Those who spend (freely) whether in prosperity, or in adversity, who restrain anger, and pardon (all) men - for Allah loves those who do good -" 3:134 - Al Imran

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Endocrinology VS Medical Entomological Techniques

Ahh, and i could already see huge QUESTION MARKS jolting from your brains, LOL.


hehe yeaa, well umm, they would respectively be the offered elective courses for next semester, and i must choose one from the other. The thing is, IM NOT SURE WHICH ONE TO CHOOSE!!! Both are very tempting! They should allow us to take both, and kick 'Khidmat Masyarakat' out LOL. Talking about khidmat masyarakat, i think i have officially failed the paper just now. The questions were all 'history'-ish and you know howw allerrrrrrrrrrrrgic i am to friggin HISTORY.. *puke* and it practically gave me cerebral edema that has successfully disabled me from thinking straight, which technically put me in this difficult position where i just HAD to shoot blindly at the not-so-shimmering stars.. :Db
HENCE, khidmat masyarakat = GONE CASE.

(in Madagascar's King Julian's personal tone LOL!)

Urghhmm, yea, alright.. Enough of that. Back to the thing that i wanted to discuss on.. wait, what was it?? HAHA Ah yes, the elective courses. Lemme explain to you what they are.


Where should i start.. lol.. Ah, do you know what hormones are? See, our body needs to undergo a lot of processes in order to function well. For example, the growth of your bones consists of its own mechanism, the menstrual cycle, metabolism, and etc :D! Now, most of these processes have their on and off switch. Hormones would be the chemical compound that meddles with those switches, either to turn the process on, or turn it off. In scientific terms, you would use 'stimulation' and 'inhibition' of a particular chemical reaction.

The Endocrine system is all about hormones, starting from the production of these hormones, how and where they are being produced, to its mechanism of action, to its defects if say an individual is access or deficient of a particular hormone, to its breakdown, simply EVERYTHING. Testosterone, progesterone, T3, T4, insulin, these are among the most mentioned hormones around LOL. And so, 'Endocrinology' would be the branch of medicine that deals with the disorders of the endocrine system! Yea, that ain't that hard ta digest right?? lol :P

One thing about human biology that i love, is getting to know the mechanisms of these processes. Some may find it very hard to memorize as they do seem like a whole load of information, but truthfully, it is all the matter of logic :) And if i am going to proceed with biomedical sciences after i graduate, it would most likely to be towards pathology, and endocrinology would most definitely help me in that area.

Plus the classes are lesser, your final marks depend on your projects, and the lecturers are wonderful! The only thing that may be the down-side of this is the chemical names which i might have to remember all the time. Mechanisms, i can do. COMPLICATED NAMES?? Now.. THAT, i have a problem with HUIEHEUHEIUEHIEHIUEHUEHIEUHEI @_@'.

Another thing is the fact that the course is more on theories than actual hands on practice huhu.. So if i were to take this one, i'd have to share an unconditional love-hate relationship with the library hahahahah which i don't mind of course. I love the library :)

Medical Entomological Techniques

My other option would be to take 'Medical Entomological Techniques'. Entomology is the study of arthropods, or in simpler terms, insects lol. And apparently, i have a passion towards creatures, regardless of which kingdom they're from. Animals, insects, plants, you name it, and i shall love it! lol :) This course, i would say, is very much adventurous. There are many field works you would have to attend, and these field works will bring you to all these remote places where your aim is to catch these insects, bring them back to the lab, and study them. TOTALLY COOL HUH!! :Db :Db

The only bad part about this is that you are expected to complete a loooooooottttttt of reports!!! One thing i hate doing is reports, especially when its a group work thing, and ESPECIALLY entomology reports.. hahaha cause it'll take a whole lot of your time!!! Not only would you have to describe specifically all of the features you see, you would have to draw them too! And I have this obsession when I draw, that is to get every single detail right, and when you get an assignment report to do on 30 insects at one go, ITS FRIGGIN TORTUROUS!!

So there you have it! Two authentic dishes on silver platters hahahaha!! hmpph.. If i am to choose entomology, it'd definitely be something different to do, and that will change my semester dramatically!! But then, i'll be all busy with reports and more reports that im afraid i wudn't be able to focus on the other 5 subjects that i have. If i am to choose endocrinology, now its definitely something i can handle, I love the topic, and it relates most with what i may do in the future, except for the fact that the project is a group work thing, and my marks depend on other people as well. NOT GOOD. Ahh, im sooo in a dilemma about this lol. But both don't sound that bad right? And either way, i'll be fine coz both are interesting in their own ways.

I just hope i'll choose the right one.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Last ride

Dearest friend..

Im not here to judge, nor to lecture, nor to tell you what to do.
But Im here to sincerely say that i am very proud of you,
and that im so grateful our paths intertwined for a lil bit :)

We were distinctively,
fated at birth,
MADE to be two total opposites.
Like water and fire,
like the earth and the sky.
Yet you were the closest human being i've once had,
my partner in crime,
and that one flame of a reminder,
reminding me of what i desire at heart
and never to put them aside.

Regardless of the fact that i obligate myself
in to restricting my actions towards whats right from wrong
even if it means ignoring my own demands,
you were the person I envy most.
Not because of your fairness,
or your possessions,
or your fame, or support,
But of your courage to follow your heart,
despite the consequences,
despite what others may think,
despite the aftermath,
Nothing will stop you at that :)
Oh how i wish i could be that way sometimes

You've thought me so much,
You've made me see things,
You've made me realize,
Of how wonderful life could really be,
If I set myself free
And I did manage to loose some strings,
To understand where you're coming from,
And understood I did,
The beauty it all held.

For once, we were at common's will,
That brought us on a ride,
The ride of our time.

But who would have thought,
A ride to learn,
would cost us one precious thing,
Each other :)
Im not quite sure about you,
But it was definitely very hard for me to see,
Of how our paths are dividing once more.
Tried to hold on,
On to these shattered pieces of what was left,
Tried to hold on,
On to broken glass,
I have tried.
I've tried.
and I've tried..
Yet mending can never mean to diminish the fact,
That it was once already broken,
and that's something i had to learn the hard way,
and after countless of sunsets,
It is now, something i've learned to accept,
and i guess,
I'll be okay with it :)

And so,
before I leave this divide,
As i believe I am the last to leave out of us four,
I'd like to say thank you very much,
For the things you've told me,
For the things you've made me see,
For the things you did,
For being yourself for me,
For being yourself for everybody,
For being yourself for you..
Know that you have all these people loving you,
who cares for you so much,
who gets very very hurt when you're down,
who wants you to be happy,
Your parents want you to be happy,
Your brothers and sisters,
Your friends,
and most definitely Allah...
These people,
All of us have faith in you :)
And so, never stop having faith in yourself too..

I am grateful that we met,
I might not mean much to you,
But I am grateful that you were the best friend I wanted,
The best friend I needed,
The bestest friend I had :)
and I shall not hope for our paths to meet again,
I shall not wait for our paths to meet again,
For I believe now that this is how things are meant to be,
And I am gonna live the best out of it.
All of us will.

But do know that if our paths do intertwine again,
Without any doubt nor hesitation,
It'll be one miracle I shall accept,
With open arms,
and an open heart..
For i know for a fact,
that a ride with you,
Is something I wouldn't wanna miss

All the best dearest friend..
All the best :)