Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Last ride

Dearest friend..

Im not here to judge, nor to lecture, nor to tell you what to do.
But Im here to sincerely say that i am very proud of you,
and that im so grateful our paths intertwined for a lil bit :)

We were distinctively,
fated at birth,
MADE to be two total opposites.
Like water and fire,
like the earth and the sky.
Yet you were the closest human being i've once had,
my partner in crime,
and that one flame of a reminder,
reminding me of what i desire at heart
and never to put them aside.

Regardless of the fact that i obligate myself
in to restricting my actions towards whats right from wrong
even if it means ignoring my own demands,
you were the person I envy most.
Not because of your fairness,
or your possessions,
or your fame, or support,
But of your courage to follow your heart,
despite the consequences,
despite what others may think,
despite the aftermath,
Nothing will stop you at that :)
Oh how i wish i could be that way sometimes

You've thought me so much,
You've made me see things,
You've made me realize,
Of how wonderful life could really be,
If I set myself free
And I did manage to loose some strings,
To understand where you're coming from,
And understood I did,
The beauty it all held.

For once, we were at common's will,
That brought us on a ride,
The ride of our time.

But who would have thought,
A ride to learn,
would cost us one precious thing,
Each other :)
Im not quite sure about you,
But it was definitely very hard for me to see,
Of how our paths are dividing once more.
Tried to hold on,
On to these shattered pieces of what was left,
Tried to hold on,
On to broken glass,
I have tried.
I've tried.
and I've tried..
Yet mending can never mean to diminish the fact,
That it was once already broken,
and that's something i had to learn the hard way,
and after countless of sunsets,
It is now, something i've learned to accept,
and i guess,
I'll be okay with it :)

And so,
before I leave this divide,
As i believe I am the last to leave out of us four,
I'd like to say thank you very much,
For the things you've told me,
For the things you've made me see,
For the things you did,
For being yourself for me,
For being yourself for everybody,
For being yourself for you..
Know that you have all these people loving you,
who cares for you so much,
who gets very very hurt when you're down,
who wants you to be happy,
Your parents want you to be happy,
Your brothers and sisters,
Your friends,
and most definitely Allah...
These people,
All of us have faith in you :)
And so, never stop having faith in yourself too..

I am grateful that we met,
I might not mean much to you,
But I am grateful that you were the best friend I wanted,
The best friend I needed,
The bestest friend I had :)
and I shall not hope for our paths to meet again,
I shall not wait for our paths to meet again,
For I believe now that this is how things are meant to be,
And I am gonna live the best out of it.
All of us will.

But do know that if our paths do intertwine again,
Without any doubt nor hesitation,
It'll be one miracle I shall accept,
With open arms,
and an open heart..
For i know for a fact,
that a ride with you,
Is something I wouldn't wanna miss

All the best dearest friend..
All the best :)

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