Friday, March 19, 2010

The Beautiful Morning

To wake up with a shade of light blue,
Painted high above you,
Where swirls of white,
Touches it ever so innocently,
Swifting at random,
Celebrating the morning shine

To wake up at that particular moment,
Moment of simplicity,
Of purity,
Deep down in your heart,
It left a mark,
A belief,
That a magical day awaits

Held to that belief ever so dearly,
Close to me,
But not to put my hopes up,
Instead to embrace hope,
Within my own hands,
And all I could feel,
Was of how grateful I am,
To be given the eyes,
The heart,
To witness His miracles

As I stepped out to join the celebration,
Leaves that were once green,
Left their humble homes too,
Joining the wind on a flight,
A journey out of comfort,
An adventure,
As how I was about to start on one of my own.

That wind greeted me too,
Brushing my hair away from my face,
Like a mother's whisper,
Telling her child,
How everything will turn out to be okay,
And that her open arms,
Will never stop welcoming her child.

It blankets warmth over my heart,
And that warmth did more,
It made me realize,
Of how lucky I am,
To have these miracles around me,
To be given the chance,
To keep it dearly to my heart,
To be given the choice to be a part of it,
And I'm glad I chose right.

Although they may seem simple,
Or small,
Their beauty is still divine,
And all you need,
Is a pair of opened eyes,
And the heart to feel
And it will give you strength,
It will give you purpose,
It will give you determination,
And it all gave me faith,
That regardless of what may come,
I know I'll make it through

And at that moment,
A magical day no longer awaits,
It has happened,
And all i could feel,
Was how grateful I am,
To be given the pair of eyes,
The heart,
The soul,
To witness His miracles

Welcome these little things in life,
You'll be amazed by what it can do

~emm ayie ann~

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Al Baqarah 2:186

"When My servants ask thee concerning Me, I am indeed close (to them). I listen to the prayer of every suppliant when he calls on Me; Let them also, with a will, listen to My call, and believe in Me; That they may walk in the right way."

- Al- Baqarah 2:186 -

(Stumbled upon this while i was reading yesterday, and it spoke to me somehow.. Hope it does to you too :) )

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Random Thoughts

1. I think im gaining weight. Sheesh!!

2. I should ball or jog more often, but i dont have time!!! :S

3. I skipped ESZ lol!!

4. I love it when my grandma is here :)

5. UKM should emphasize more on sports, instead of spending money to build fountains, focus more on what you can do for the benefit of the students. Get better basketball courts! Emphasize more on trainings!

6. UKM KL should have this "speaker's corner" thing, where anyone could just voice out whatever they want. And lecturers, in order to encourage participation, should assign students and give them extra curricular points. Not only would their voice be heard, but there's also a platform for them to speak in public, and in their OWN WORDS, instead of some random article copied from our darling friend, the wikipedia or sumthin.

7. Guys, you really need to work on your stamina :)

8. Girls, you really need to work on your stamina too hahaha and also your commitment towards the game

9. The Quran's translation in English is sooo beautiful~ huhu :)

10. Thank you Allah, for everything.. :)

11. And after 3 years of not having feelings for any specific guy, I think i've broken the streak.. I hope it'll last :)