Saturday, March 6, 2010

Random Thoughts

1. I think im gaining weight. Sheesh!!

2. I should ball or jog more often, but i dont have time!!! :S

3. I skipped ESZ lol!!

4. I love it when my grandma is here :)

5. UKM should emphasize more on sports, instead of spending money to build fountains, focus more on what you can do for the benefit of the students. Get better basketball courts! Emphasize more on trainings!

6. UKM KL should have this "speaker's corner" thing, where anyone could just voice out whatever they want. And lecturers, in order to encourage participation, should assign students and give them extra curricular points. Not only would their voice be heard, but there's also a platform for them to speak in public, and in their OWN WORDS, instead of some random article copied from our darling friend, the wikipedia or sumthin.

7. Guys, you really need to work on your stamina :)

8. Girls, you really need to work on your stamina too hahaha and also your commitment towards the game

9. The Quran's translation in English is sooo beautiful~ huhu :)

10. Thank you Allah, for everything.. :)

11. And after 3 years of not having feelings for any specific guy, I think i've broken the streak.. I hope it'll last :)



  2. Shut up den hahahahaha but what the heck, i dont really care:P