Tuesday, November 30, 2010

~ Bring back what once was mine..

Rapunzel's so nice, i had ta watch it twice! hahahhaha :P and so i did, but with a different crowd instead. One thing i love about the movie was its songs.. The lyrics to them just crack me up haha. But i personally love the healing song. Its so haunting, and hypnotic. Couldn't get the song out of my head, and so at 2am in the morning today, i made a cover of it HAHAHA! Oh cut me some slack, i couldn't sleep.. lol. Ive attached it to this post, and should be posted above this paragraph... Can you see it? Can you? Can you? lol. There aint much difference with the original, considering covers are suppose to be different, but this was just out of total randomness and i felt like singing the song haha.. Give it a listen if it doesn't trouble u lol.. enjoy!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Gotta love soundtracks! HAHA :P

"I would stand in line for this, there's always room in life for this.. " ;)

and here's from a movie i've yet to watch..
hopefully i get to today with my darling Elissa :)

I want to roam the world

I dont know what i want to be when i grow up,

(chey, macam belum grow up je haha! :P),

I dont know with whom i wanna spend my whole life with,

(org semua dah nak kawen la, tunang la, but aku batang idung org tu pon tak jumpa lagi huahuahua),

I dont have any desires to possess anything,

(ramai dh start save tok beli rumah la, kereta la, itu, ini, and aku still save untuk beli buku, DVD, jalan2, makan best2.. hmm haha)

All the uncertainties,

the 'whats next's,

utterly a boggle one has yet to make peace with..

hmmph..there's a lot of things that i do not know


what i do know tho,

is at this very moment,

I have time.

My own time to explore




At this very moment,

its GAME time

MY time..

and what i really really want right now,

is not to settle,

not to be stagnant and all stable..


I want to roam the world.

See His wonders,



I want to be shaken,

be moved by the things i see,

inspired by the things i hear,

heartfelt by the things i feel..

call me immature for not wanting to settle,

tell me im delusional for taking it all as an adventure,

I dont give a shit..

Coz it aint gonna stop me anyway ;)

A moment to remember :)

Have you had moments where you wish you could just rewind and replay it over and over again?

It has been awhile since I last had those kind of moments.

Years perhaps?

But one visited me, recently.

And it was surely, by far, the best night I have ever lived to see in my whole entire life.

It was the 2nd night of my hiking trip, where our campsite was situated on top of a huge waterfall.

It was a night that was roofed by nothing but swift cotton smeared clouds and blinking stars,

Lighted by the moon’s gleam

as it ignited the forest’s glow,

guiding the straits to its huge fall..

There on the cliffs of solid huge rocks I sat..

while dipping my feet into the crystal fresh waters

as gravity pulls the water down the steps of rocks

creating a rush

like cars chasing one another..

I was accompanied by a new acquaintance

and we chatted away into the night

about the life we’ve gone through..

How it was


And how we want it to be..

I barely know this guy, but at that particular moment,

I couldn’t feel anymore comfortable talking to anybody else..

At that particular moment,

I was surrounded by His wondrous creations,

In such a perfect arrangement that only He was able to pull it off..

And having me in the middle of it all empowers my heart to finally feel worthy again,





A moment of sincerity and simplicity

And that was all it had to it..

Now that im grounded again to the realness of my life,

Thoughts of that night still lingers at the back of mind,

Whispering its beauty,

Drilling a new longing into this heart..

It was sad having to part from it..

But for it to happen brings more gladness,

As it made it clear that whatever I had to go thru these past few months,

I was able to bounce back..

Im still able to bounce back Alhamdulillah..

And im so grateful for just that.. :)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

~when the truth is, I miss you

Songs tend to bring up your deepest memories to its every detail kan? No wonder Neyo can't listen to love songs when he got all heartbroken haha newho, coldplay's "Warning Sign" has always been on top of my song list. Maybe i should make a cover of it one day, and spoil yer ear drums.. yes.. that sounds fun.. hahaha :P

Sometimes when you look at others, and at how happy they are, you'd think to yourself, haish, if only i can be that happy.. Does that happen to you? It happens to me all the time hahaha. But, truthfully, what do you know? Their life may be as shitty as yours, you just don't see it.. A friend of mine once told me, you may think the person next to you is happier, but really, they are going thru a hard time too, you just don't know it.

But why fret when life gets tough? Endure it. And thats when your adventure becomes a wonder. ~monotone dalaman: dgr tu yasmin.. hahaha! I'm about to leave my comfort zone for 5 days in a few hours time. Yup, its hiking time!! lol. And i know i'll be missing home a lot, my family, my laptop, oh INTERNET :((((( Food network channel!! :(((((((( hahaha but i kinda need this. I need to be far away from my comfort zone.. closer to nature.. to His wonders.. because i feel.. empty. I miss Him.. huhu a lot. Yes, i'm not really all happy, bubbly, and cheerie.. okay, maybe i am.. haha but.. like i said earlier, someone who seems happy aren't always as happy as they portray themselves to be..

I have a lot installed for me in the next 2 months or so. I have awesome people around me. I can finally see where i'm heading towards, alhamdulillah.. What more ta ask kan? But at heart, there's something missing. I feel drifted, and afar from purpose? I'm still quite lost. Oh yes, i think too much perhaps. It has always been my noted disease hahaha.

But see, i've always told myself, that life.. is a journey, not a destination. And thats how i'm treating my life. I have expectations, goals, true. But theyre not my destination, they're just pit stops.

My destination, is purpose. Finding it with your heart, is life.. :)
(Yasmin 2010)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I wonder when would that happen fer me..
with who..
and then whats next..

Berangan di pagi raya, batang idung orgnya pon tak nampak lagi..
Tapi kan, i'm more excited to be a mother than being someone's wife..
I think i can settle having a kid without a guy supporting me..
afterall, guys are all the same..
and plain.. boring..
Kan? :)
hahahahha toodles! :P

Monday, November 15, 2010

~ I wanna know your name B)

This beat is awesome!!! Hahaha For the past 9 months or so, i've kinda stopped listening to rap and hits like these, well, babe, Yasmin's BACK in the building yaww hahahah enjoy your tuesday! :)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

I want to change the world, instead i sleep...

Mr Daly once told me, that the knowledge we have with us now, is only 0.1% of the things that we know is out there. And what we know is out there but we don't really really know about it is only 0.01% of EVERYTHING that is REALLY OUT THERE.. which gives us an approximation percentage of 0.99% of things that we don't even know they exist! IMAGINE THAT huh?? (oh yes, geeeky mode is blinkin' ON at the moment hahaha :P)

So for all of the things that we do know of its existence, say if these statistics of Mr Daly's are accurately correct, 0.9% are of the things that we know is out there, but we choose to not really know about them. Now, would that be because its out of our capability to do so? or that we just simply choose to be ignorant about it? I would say its a bit of both, but more on us being ignorant lol no? :P

They say, ignorance is a bliss. Oh i would have to agree. Here's a simple daily example. Its Sunday, you wake up in the morning, give out a hell of a yaaawn, and while rubbin' your eyes, the sound of birds swirls into your ears, and you thought to yourself, "ahh what a beautiful morning" lol.. all of a sudden, mom starts yelling from downstairs, of this list of instructions for you to do through out the day while she's out.

Right at that moment, you know you have two options. One. Be caring enough to get up, open your door, and respond back a, "Apa dia ma?", and you'll have your day all planned out.. whoopey.. pfft hahaha OR. Be ignorant, and act as if you didn't hear anything.. Your mom leaves home thinking you heard what she said, when you actually didn't, or choose not to (don't worry, your secret is safe with me haha! :P). And you have the whole daay all to yourself! :D :D A bliss i tell you.

Sometimes, you can't help yourself but to BE ignorant. There are certain issues which i would love to know, but i just couldn't find myself caring about them.. ya know? Say like politics, or the stock market, or the economy.. lol. I admire people my age who can talk about it, who can give an opinion on it. I admire how these people can indulge or find them interesting. I know I should be like that, too. Heck, these things affect and will forever affect my life. I should at least care to know.. But sadly, regardless of how hard i try, i just.. can't... yea, i'm the daughter of the editor to one of the top business newspapers in this country, and i don't have a single financial notion running through my veins. hahaha.. Sorry Ayah :P

But then, up to what point are you gonna stay ignorant? huhu.. A question, i myself, have yet to answer lol. Its not like i didn't try, i diddd!!! But it just, urghh.. we're just not meant for each other i guess?? lol.. But i love people explaining them all about it to me. Oh yes. That, i like. But for me to seek information on my own... hardly to happen! hahaha I guess i'd have to find a partner who's in the know about these issues.. and he can fill me in about it like for bedtime stories or somethin'.. awwww how sweet hahahahhaha!!!

Life.. :)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

aaannd its a Home RUNNN!!!! :D

Ohh i miss getting all excited for a NY Yankee game.. and anticipating on Derek Jeter to make his awesome runs.. lol. But hey, i got a taste of baseball today, softball to be exact, apparently there's a batting cage on top of OU, and my friend and I went there for a try lol.. humans, it was friggin AWESOME!!

Baseball used to be one of our daily evening games back in New York. We'd gather at this small park beside our residence pool, and coz we didn't have proper bases, we had to use them metal sewer covers as bases lol boy, they were slippery, slipped on it like a gazilion times! lol Oh i miss the good old days huhu.. But considering i was 11 at that time, one thing that i couldn't do, was to hit the ball high.. lol.. I kept on hitting it to the ground. Either that, or i'd tip it.

And so today, i've set my mind.. to accomplish what i couldn't do before.. and that is, to hit the ball HIGH hahahaha and HIGH they all went alright, my first few initial-invisible balls that is hahahaha i kept on swinging into thin air, and didn't hit nething!! Annoying! hahaha but then i started to get a hang of it, and THAT is when you just couldn't stop ya know?? lol..

But they were still quite.. low.. and so this friend of mine decided to make things interesting, set a specific mark for me to pass, declared free McFlury up for grabs, and voila.. i started to swing em highhhh or like they say, out of tha park!! hahahaha chey, prasan je :P Food can never fail to motivate me. TRUE FACT!! HAHAHA :P

Friday, November 12, 2010

Ship for Southeast Asian Youth Program :)

Yup, my day was all about SSEAYP yesterday :) Its this program where contingents from all of the SEA countries including Japan would be living together, on a SHIP, set for a journey at sea for 58 effin' days!! ain't that the cooolest or what!! hahahaha :) and they'll be making stops at each country as well.. To know more, please be my guest and google it lol..

Anywho, today, this ship happened to arrive here in Malaysia, and they needed volunteers to interact with the contingents. Two days ago, I was innocently reading meaningless comments on facebook when i received information about this program. It seemed appealing at first, but considering that i wouldn't be knowing ne one there, and if i were to go, i'll be all alone, so that was kind of a set back for me. Then again, i'll be meeting all these people, and this came out of nowhere, like a calling? hahaha so what the heck, i registered for it anyway, and im glad i did! :D

One thing about volunteering yourself with these events, you'd meet other volunteers who are as enthusiastic as you about the event. And apparently, these people are on a level of their own ya know. They're not the typical nose-in-books, or mamak-lepakers type. They're adventure seekers? haha yea and apparently they're very knowledgeable and has a mind of their own.. which is fun to interact with.. like a breather ya know? An out of the box kind of thing? :)

So i met with NEW people, obviously. Made new friends. Most of the volunteers from my group were part of the GMUN program. GMUN stands for Global Model United Nations.. apparently they had a conference here in Malaysia recently.. So these people are great leaders. You'd know the moment you talk to them lol. And yes, i did feel intimidated in a way coz im not from any well known organisations, but im glad i met them :)

I was assigned to help out with the Japanese contingents, and they are soooo friendly and cute!! The guys? They were HOT. and im not kidding.. HOT!! hahahaha unfortunately, i did not really come for thaat.. :( aww.. hahaha :P But em, it was fun to interact with them. My wallet is filled with name cards now lol..

Later that night, they had cultural performances from all these contingents.. and, one thing i noticed, we asians, are so colourful, dont you think so? (Oh fuck, the song comes on again.. i wonder what the hell is my sister watching out there..)... now where was i.. ah yes, colourful people. WE just love colours! Its in our foods, our traditional clothes.. even our language splurge colours.. Them english people?? They're awfully dull when it comes to this, no offence.. even their language has to be formal, and well structured.. Its like, we're paprika, and they're flour.. ya know? lol.. And out of all the asian countries there, the one with the most variety would be none other than Malaysia.. At that moment of realisation (hahaha) as i was sitting in the crowd, with my knees crossed up to my chest coz it was quite a squeeze there, and altho i have lost all my leg senses and couldn't really feel nething (they got totally numb.. SAKET/GELI GILAAAA), my heart felt grateful to be part of this nationality :) Funny, not that i seldom feel proud to be a malaysian, but whenever i do, it'll always be moments when im with people from other countries.. hahahahaha no kidding.. bila sesama sendiri, maann.. susah betul nak rasa proud.. huhu.. klakar eh?..

So yea, yesterday, was awesome. I wished i had more time to interact with the contingents.. It felt so short, i nearly cried when they had to leave.. :( If only i get to join them on that ship.. That oughta be one hell of a journey now wouldn't it? But hey, its an annual thing, and there should be another program just like this next year.. I shall look up for further details!! Let's? :D

Sunday, November 7, 2010

I've always admired his voice after 'across the universe' lol, and his piano playing.. and now i have his whole album! lol.. kudos to the one who introduced this guy ta me :) I simply love this song though, especially the oh no oh no oh no part lol.. enjoy :)

The yellow walls are lined with portraits
And I've got my new red fetching leather jacket
All these poses such beautiful poses
Makes any boy feel like picking up roses

There's never been such grave a matter
As comparing our new brand name black sunglasses
All these poses such beautiful poses
Makes any boy feel as pretty as princes

The green autumnal parks conducting
All the city streets a wondrous chorus singing
All these poses oh how can you blame me
Life is a game and true love is a trophy

And you said
Watch my head about it
Baby you said watch my head about it
My head about it
Oh no oh no oh no
Oh no oh no no kidding

Reclined amongst these packs of reasons
For to smokes the days away into the evenings
All these poses of classical torture
Ruined my mind like a snake in the orchard
I did go from wanting to be someone now
I'm drunk and wearing flip - flops on Fifth Avenue

Once you've fallen from classical virtue
Won't have a soul for to wake up and hold you

In the green autumnal parks conducting
All the city streets a wondrous chorus
Singing all these poses now no longer boyish
Made me a man ah but who cares what that it

And you said watch my head about it
Baby you said watch my head about it
My head about it
Oh no oh no oh no
Oh no oh no well you said
Watch my head about it
Baby you said watch my head about it
My head about it
Oh no oh no oh no
Oh no oh no no kidding

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Procrastinating is a bliss :)

Although lyric wise i dont think its of somethin' appropriate HAHA,
but lovin' the melody.
Awesome :)


So after listening to the Jefferson Airplane's Embryonic Journey, i grabbed my guitar and plucked a few notes that were similar to the song, by ear. Obviously i couldn't get them all, not even nearly 10% of it HAHA but while making mistakes here and there, i combined them, improvised, and came up with my first guitar original, which is the link above! :D

Not that its nething amazing to wow ourselves with tho. Its just a simple tune, a simple song, from a simple girl (HAHA riight :P) but watever it is, it made me happy. Felt like an accomplishment, and i haven't felt that way in so many months! huhu..

The first version of it tho, was hideous. I kept on plucking the wrong strings, but after a whole day of practicing, when i was suppose to be reading my immunology notes HAHA, i finally got it right, and so there it is :) But then i had a problem. What to name it?

While figuring out a name for it, i received a random text message from someone not so random.. huhu.. At first, it brought chills to my bones.. it seriously did.. But after knowing his intentions of text-ing, it kinda brought peace to an unsettled matter that has been lingering at the back of my mind.. Peace.. Right there, thought of naming this piece 'peace', but then thats too common lol. Checked for a synonym. And the perfect word for it flashed on my screen. Ataraxis :) and so here it is! hope you guys will enjoy it as much as i did figuring it out :)

Friday, November 5, 2010

Afterall, we're just humans :)

I love this piece :) Hopefully one day, when i get my fingerings right, i'll be able to play this on my own lol Give me 4 years max! :D To those whom are huge fans of the tv show FRIENDS like I am? I know there's a lot of y'all out there.. well, this should sound familiar coz its the song thats being played at the very last scene where they all went for their last coffee and the keys were on the kitchen top.. That particular scene brought tears to me eyes hahaha.. totally lovin' FRIENDS a whole lot!! Enjoy! :)

Would you like to know a secret? HAHA

Would you like to know a secret just between you and me
I don't know where I'm going next, I don't know who I'm gonna be
But that's the other side of this life I've been leading
That's the other side of this life.

Well my whole world's in an uproar, my whole world's upside down
I don"t know where I'm going next, but I'm always bumming around
And that's another side to this life I've been leading
And that's another side to this life

Well I don't know what doing for half the time, I don't know where I'm going
I think I'll get me a sailing boat and sail the Gulf of Mexico
But that's another side of this life I've been leading
And that's another side of this life

Well I think I'll go to Nashville down in Tennesse
The ten cent life I've been leading here gonna be the death of me
But that's the other side of this life I've been leading
And that's another side to this life

Would you like to know a secret just between you and me
I don't know where I'm going next, I don't know who I'm gonna be
But that's the other side of this life I've been leading
But that's the other side of this life.

I dont usually love loud rock songs,
But imagine this on guitar hero,
that'd be FUN!!!
Lovin' the instrumentals in this song,
really gives you that edge haha :D


You know what,
you're most probably right.
I am childish.
I'm childish for believing in you
and thinking that you can handle things,
and make things right.
But man, that was one huge fucking mistake.
One enormous mistake that i shall promise to you now,
that i aint never gonna repeat.

I used to ask myself,
what did i ever do to you?
But now this is just a bit too much.
And darlin',
wake up?
smell the coffee?
and realise that
you've always been the drama in this whole picture.
Not me.

Good day! :)