Sunday, November 14, 2010

I want to change the world, instead i sleep...

Mr Daly once told me, that the knowledge we have with us now, is only 0.1% of the things that we know is out there. And what we know is out there but we don't really really know about it is only 0.01% of EVERYTHING that is REALLY OUT THERE.. which gives us an approximation percentage of 0.99% of things that we don't even know they exist! IMAGINE THAT huh?? (oh yes, geeeky mode is blinkin' ON at the moment hahaha :P)

So for all of the things that we do know of its existence, say if these statistics of Mr Daly's are accurately correct, 0.9% are of the things that we know is out there, but we choose to not really know about them. Now, would that be because its out of our capability to do so? or that we just simply choose to be ignorant about it? I would say its a bit of both, but more on us being ignorant lol no? :P

They say, ignorance is a bliss. Oh i would have to agree. Here's a simple daily example. Its Sunday, you wake up in the morning, give out a hell of a yaaawn, and while rubbin' your eyes, the sound of birds swirls into your ears, and you thought to yourself, "ahh what a beautiful morning" lol.. all of a sudden, mom starts yelling from downstairs, of this list of instructions for you to do through out the day while she's out.

Right at that moment, you know you have two options. One. Be caring enough to get up, open your door, and respond back a, "Apa dia ma?", and you'll have your day all planned out.. whoopey.. pfft hahaha OR. Be ignorant, and act as if you didn't hear anything.. Your mom leaves home thinking you heard what she said, when you actually didn't, or choose not to (don't worry, your secret is safe with me haha! :P). And you have the whole daay all to yourself! :D :D A bliss i tell you.

Sometimes, you can't help yourself but to BE ignorant. There are certain issues which i would love to know, but i just couldn't find myself caring about them.. ya know? Say like politics, or the stock market, or the economy.. lol. I admire people my age who can talk about it, who can give an opinion on it. I admire how these people can indulge or find them interesting. I know I should be like that, too. Heck, these things affect and will forever affect my life. I should at least care to know.. But sadly, regardless of how hard i try, i just.. can't... yea, i'm the daughter of the editor to one of the top business newspapers in this country, and i don't have a single financial notion running through my veins. hahaha.. Sorry Ayah :P

But then, up to what point are you gonna stay ignorant? huhu.. A question, i myself, have yet to answer lol. Its not like i didn't try, i diddd!!! But it just, urghh.. we're just not meant for each other i guess?? lol.. But i love people explaining them all about it to me. Oh yes. That, i like. But for me to seek information on my own... hardly to happen! hahaha I guess i'd have to find a partner who's in the know about these issues.. and he can fill me in about it like for bedtime stories or somethin'.. awwww how sweet hahahahhaha!!!

Life.. :)

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