Saturday, November 6, 2010


So after listening to the Jefferson Airplane's Embryonic Journey, i grabbed my guitar and plucked a few notes that were similar to the song, by ear. Obviously i couldn't get them all, not even nearly 10% of it HAHA but while making mistakes here and there, i combined them, improvised, and came up with my first guitar original, which is the link above! :D

Not that its nething amazing to wow ourselves with tho. Its just a simple tune, a simple song, from a simple girl (HAHA riight :P) but watever it is, it made me happy. Felt like an accomplishment, and i haven't felt that way in so many months! huhu..

The first version of it tho, was hideous. I kept on plucking the wrong strings, but after a whole day of practicing, when i was suppose to be reading my immunology notes HAHA, i finally got it right, and so there it is :) But then i had a problem. What to name it?

While figuring out a name for it, i received a random text message from someone not so random.. huhu.. At first, it brought chills to my bones.. it seriously did.. But after knowing his intentions of text-ing, it kinda brought peace to an unsettled matter that has been lingering at the back of my mind.. Peace.. Right there, thought of naming this piece 'peace', but then thats too common lol. Checked for a synonym. And the perfect word for it flashed on my screen. Ataraxis :) and so here it is! hope you guys will enjoy it as much as i did figuring it out :)

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