Sunday, November 28, 2010

I want to roam the world

I dont know what i want to be when i grow up,

(chey, macam belum grow up je haha! :P),

I dont know with whom i wanna spend my whole life with,

(org semua dah nak kawen la, tunang la, but aku batang idung org tu pon tak jumpa lagi huahuahua),

I dont have any desires to possess anything,

(ramai dh start save tok beli rumah la, kereta la, itu, ini, and aku still save untuk beli buku, DVD, jalan2, makan best2.. hmm haha)

All the uncertainties,

the 'whats next's,

utterly a boggle one has yet to make peace with..

hmmph..there's a lot of things that i do not know


what i do know tho,

is at this very moment,

I have time.

My own time to explore




At this very moment,

its GAME time

MY time..

and what i really really want right now,

is not to settle,

not to be stagnant and all stable..


I want to roam the world.

See His wonders,



I want to be shaken,

be moved by the things i see,

inspired by the things i hear,

heartfelt by the things i feel..

call me immature for not wanting to settle,

tell me im delusional for taking it all as an adventure,

I dont give a shit..

Coz it aint gonna stop me anyway ;)

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