Sunday, November 28, 2010

A moment to remember :)

Have you had moments where you wish you could just rewind and replay it over and over again?

It has been awhile since I last had those kind of moments.

Years perhaps?

But one visited me, recently.

And it was surely, by far, the best night I have ever lived to see in my whole entire life.

It was the 2nd night of my hiking trip, where our campsite was situated on top of a huge waterfall.

It was a night that was roofed by nothing but swift cotton smeared clouds and blinking stars,

Lighted by the moon’s gleam

as it ignited the forest’s glow,

guiding the straits to its huge fall..

There on the cliffs of solid huge rocks I sat..

while dipping my feet into the crystal fresh waters

as gravity pulls the water down the steps of rocks

creating a rush

like cars chasing one another..

I was accompanied by a new acquaintance

and we chatted away into the night

about the life we’ve gone through..

How it was


And how we want it to be..

I barely know this guy, but at that particular moment,

I couldn’t feel anymore comfortable talking to anybody else..

At that particular moment,

I was surrounded by His wondrous creations,

In such a perfect arrangement that only He was able to pull it off..

And having me in the middle of it all empowers my heart to finally feel worthy again,





A moment of sincerity and simplicity

And that was all it had to it..

Now that im grounded again to the realness of my life,

Thoughts of that night still lingers at the back of mind,

Whispering its beauty,

Drilling a new longing into this heart..

It was sad having to part from it..

But for it to happen brings more gladness,

As it made it clear that whatever I had to go thru these past few months,

I was able to bounce back..

Im still able to bounce back Alhamdulillah..

And im so grateful for just that.. :)

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