Saturday, November 13, 2010

aaannd its a Home RUNNN!!!! :D

Ohh i miss getting all excited for a NY Yankee game.. and anticipating on Derek Jeter to make his awesome runs.. lol. But hey, i got a taste of baseball today, softball to be exact, apparently there's a batting cage on top of OU, and my friend and I went there for a try lol.. humans, it was friggin AWESOME!!

Baseball used to be one of our daily evening games back in New York. We'd gather at this small park beside our residence pool, and coz we didn't have proper bases, we had to use them metal sewer covers as bases lol boy, they were slippery, slipped on it like a gazilion times! lol Oh i miss the good old days huhu.. But considering i was 11 at that time, one thing that i couldn't do, was to hit the ball high.. lol.. I kept on hitting it to the ground. Either that, or i'd tip it.

And so today, i've set my mind.. to accomplish what i couldn't do before.. and that is, to hit the ball HIGH hahahaha and HIGH they all went alright, my first few initial-invisible balls that is hahahaha i kept on swinging into thin air, and didn't hit nething!! Annoying! hahaha but then i started to get a hang of it, and THAT is when you just couldn't stop ya know?? lol..

But they were still quite.. low.. and so this friend of mine decided to make things interesting, set a specific mark for me to pass, declared free McFlury up for grabs, and voila.. i started to swing em highhhh or like they say, out of tha park!! hahahaha chey, prasan je :P Food can never fail to motivate me. TRUE FACT!! HAHAHA :P

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