Monday, January 30, 2012

Keira - A short impromptu original by ME! :D

So i was, as always, playing around with the keys, experimenting new sounds, and i stumbled upon this tune which later, decided to record whatever that i could make out of it, spontaneously. And i present to you, the end product! lol.. After listening to it a couple of times, it reminds me a lot of this particular bestfriend of mine. May you be blessed by Him always.. :) Enjoy!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Bane - A short impromptu original by Yasmin

My music teacher told me that music is all about creating tension and resolving it at the end. So i was playing around with the chords and keys, and ended up with this piece :) I wish i could add more sounds to it, but somehow i feel its nicer to just keep it with the piano this time.. either that, or i was out of ideas hahaha.. Anywho, if you're listening to it, thank you so much for doing so.. :) Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


It was 9 years ago, back when life was all about catching students without name tags and winning the annual choral speaking competition lol. I remembered it was uztazah Aisyah who told my best friend, Syahirah, who, after that, shared with me this particular thing which, until now, i've failed to remove it from my mind. She said,

"Bila time exam ni la, macam2 akan menguji kita"

At that age, i thought she wasn't making any sense. I mean like, how hard could an exam be? All you have to do is read and answer a few questions. It took me 9 years later to realise how her words has become one of the most honest lines i've gotten from a living human being lol.

Exams are hard times. And somehow, it gets harder as you grow older. Not just because of the content of the exams, but because of the expectations that you carry on your shoulder plus the numberless of commitments and distractions that just keeps adding itself by the second. Exams are hard times, and if u know me well, u'd know how much i despise exams.

But hey, guess what, tomorrows the last paper, and i can't wait for it all to end!!!! I feel drained. Literally drained. And there's a huge need for a rejuvenation process + an intervention! yes. That, i shall promise myself with.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

~Where were you?

Where were you
when everything was falling apart?
All my days
were spent by the telephone
that never rang
And all I needed was a call that never came
To the corner of 1st and Amistad

Lost and insecure, you found me, you found me
Lying on the floor surrounded, surrounded
Why'd you have to wait?
Where were you?
Where were you?
Just a little late,
you found me,
you found me!

Why'd you have to wait to find me,
to find me?

Hahaha, i miss this :)

Now i miss New York City even more lol..

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

~And my love is yours but your love's not mine, So I'll go but we know i'll see you down the line :)

Wake up to the sound of your fleeting heart
Wake up to the sound of your fleeting heart
When you go, what you leave is a work of art
On my chest, on my heart

She went out to the hay in the morning grace
She went out and got lost in a tall hedge maze
Where'd you go? Where'd you go? Why'd you leave this place?
On my heart, on my face

Past all the signs of the slow decline
Live like your love wasn't meant for mine
Now you've gone, now you've gone to a different life
Til the loneliest side

And my love is yours but your love's not mine
So I'll go but we know I'll see you down the line
And we'll hate what we've lost but we'll love what we find
And I'm feeling fine, we've made it to the coastline

The Last bits of being 22

"I answer to no one, but God. So if these people think they could scare me, if these people think they could boss, and bully me around, they better think again. "

"Have you guys ever felt like there's always something missing in life? Have you ever wondered why the world can never be perfect, yet we seek for perfection? Its because this world was never meant for us to stay in the first place. We don't belong here. We belong in Allah's heavens. Now is only a key holder thats filled with keys, and its up to us to find the right key to His door"

"The reason why God created men to be among other people is so that we can help one another, inspire one another to reach further. To gain what no man can gain alone. No man is an island"

"From where i'm standing, you have everything"

"The art of living, is to learn how to let go. And in order to let go, you somehow gotta have it first"

"Don't ever judge someone, or assume without trying to understand them, first"

"Don't worry, about a thing. Coz every little thing, is gonna be alright"

"At the end of the day, you'll get thru it. I know it. And you know it, too. That's just how life is"

"MasyaAllah.. "

"Don't ever let anyone tell you how to be, Yasmin."

"You gotta keep some cards to yourself. That's how you play the game"

"If he or she doesn't like you the way you are, you can always show them the exit door, and wave tata"

"You'll never know until it comes to you"

"It will always be a pleasure to have you both here again someday :)"

"When are ya gonna visit me?"

"The only person who'll take care of that heart of yours, is Allah and yourself"

"Sometimes, to care makes you weak. And to be weak, makes you strong"

Goodbye 22. You've taught me so much, and you've been good to me.
I know i'll be missing u :)

Monday, January 2, 2012

~ I could see for miles, miles, miles

“Someway, baby, it’s part of me, apart from me.”
you’re laying waste to Halloween
you fucked it friend, it’s on it’s head, it struck the street
you’re in Milwaukee, off your feet

…and at once I knew I was not magnificent

strayed above the highway aisle
(jagged vacance, thick with ice)
I could see for miles, miles, miles

3rd and Lake it burnt away, the hallway

was where we learned to celebrate
automatic bought the years you’d talk for me
that night you played me ╩╗Lip Parade╩╝
not the needle, nor the thread, the lost decree
saying nothing, that’s enough for me

…and at once I knew I was not magnificent

hulled far from the highway aisle
(jagged, vacance, thick with ice)
I could see for miles, miles, miles

Christmas night, it clutched the light, the hallow bright

above my brother, I and tangled spines
we smoked the screen to make it what it was to be
now to know it in my memory:

…and at once I knew I was not magnificent

high above the highway aisle
(jagged vacance, thick with ice)
I could see for miles, miles, miles

So my hamsters decided to have a New Year's feast as well

It seemed like a 2012 miracle, at first. I was awaken by my sister's high pitched voice, telling me that my hamsters just had babies. Again. But i was more prepared this time though. Emotionally prepared to be deceived, yes haha and thank God i was.

If you happen to have guessed that my hamsters had babies before, I would tell you that you're correct. If you happen to know that my hamsters had babies before, knew what became of them in the end, and now you're thinking that this time around, there ain't gonna be any difference ? I would tell you you're damn fuckin' right. I guess the idea of continuing their generation ain't much of a new year miracle to these two hamsters of mine. They decided to partayyyy BIG TIME instead, and haf their kids as the main course of the night, to start off the year with haha. What looneys. But lucky me, as i've said, i got myself prepared for this the moment i heard about it considering it has happened twice before. Got myself Emotionally prepared lol.

So my dad asked me this morning, why do my hamsters like to eat their babies? Their own kind? I thought about it, and replied,

"Perhaps they felt threatened by them,
and killing them was an option"

And all i had in mind after saying that
How similar these animals are with us humans..

Happy 2012 people :)