Wednesday, January 11, 2012


It was 9 years ago, back when life was all about catching students without name tags and winning the annual choral speaking competition lol. I remembered it was uztazah Aisyah who told my best friend, Syahirah, who, after that, shared with me this particular thing which, until now, i've failed to remove it from my mind. She said,

"Bila time exam ni la, macam2 akan menguji kita"

At that age, i thought she wasn't making any sense. I mean like, how hard could an exam be? All you have to do is read and answer a few questions. It took me 9 years later to realise how her words has become one of the most honest lines i've gotten from a living human being lol.

Exams are hard times. And somehow, it gets harder as you grow older. Not just because of the content of the exams, but because of the expectations that you carry on your shoulder plus the numberless of commitments and distractions that just keeps adding itself by the second. Exams are hard times, and if u know me well, u'd know how much i despise exams.

But hey, guess what, tomorrows the last paper, and i can't wait for it all to end!!!! I feel drained. Literally drained. And there's a huge need for a rejuvenation process + an intervention! yes. That, i shall promise myself with.

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