Monday, January 2, 2012

So my hamsters decided to have a New Year's feast as well

It seemed like a 2012 miracle, at first. I was awaken by my sister's high pitched voice, telling me that my hamsters just had babies. Again. But i was more prepared this time though. Emotionally prepared to be deceived, yes haha and thank God i was.

If you happen to have guessed that my hamsters had babies before, I would tell you that you're correct. If you happen to know that my hamsters had babies before, knew what became of them in the end, and now you're thinking that this time around, there ain't gonna be any difference ? I would tell you you're damn fuckin' right. I guess the idea of continuing their generation ain't much of a new year miracle to these two hamsters of mine. They decided to partayyyy BIG TIME instead, and haf their kids as the main course of the night, to start off the year with haha. What looneys. But lucky me, as i've said, i got myself prepared for this the moment i heard about it considering it has happened twice before. Got myself Emotionally prepared lol.

So my dad asked me this morning, why do my hamsters like to eat their babies? Their own kind? I thought about it, and replied,

"Perhaps they felt threatened by them,
and killing them was an option"

And all i had in mind after saying that
How similar these animals are with us humans..

Happy 2012 people :)


  1. iskk.. yg makan ni both the parents ke? dulu when I have hamsters at home, when the mom tgh bunting I'll separate out the father.. he's the culprit. the mom will eat if her kids mcm sakit/x cukup sifat/touched by someone or sth.. kira bau dia hilang.

    btw holocene is awesome. one of my fave!

  2. Well i'm not sure actually siapa yang makan huhu.. although at first, it seemed like both of them are taking care of the babies.. The dad pon macam tido with the anak and all.. the next thing i know, semua hilang.. hahaha.. perhaps i should separate them bile mak dia da start bunting next time! lol and yes, holocene is awesome! it kept appearing in so many movies lately lol