Thursday, November 18, 2010

~when the truth is, I miss you

Songs tend to bring up your deepest memories to its every detail kan? No wonder Neyo can't listen to love songs when he got all heartbroken haha newho, coldplay's "Warning Sign" has always been on top of my song list. Maybe i should make a cover of it one day, and spoil yer ear drums.. yes.. that sounds fun.. hahaha :P

Sometimes when you look at others, and at how happy they are, you'd think to yourself, haish, if only i can be that happy.. Does that happen to you? It happens to me all the time hahaha. But, truthfully, what do you know? Their life may be as shitty as yours, you just don't see it.. A friend of mine once told me, you may think the person next to you is happier, but really, they are going thru a hard time too, you just don't know it.

But why fret when life gets tough? Endure it. And thats when your adventure becomes a wonder. ~monotone dalaman: dgr tu yasmin.. hahaha! I'm about to leave my comfort zone for 5 days in a few hours time. Yup, its hiking time!! lol. And i know i'll be missing home a lot, my family, my laptop, oh INTERNET :((((( Food network channel!! :(((((((( hahaha but i kinda need this. I need to be far away from my comfort zone.. closer to nature.. to His wonders.. because i feel.. empty. I miss Him.. huhu a lot. Yes, i'm not really all happy, bubbly, and cheerie.. okay, maybe i am.. haha but.. like i said earlier, someone who seems happy aren't always as happy as they portray themselves to be..

I have a lot installed for me in the next 2 months or so. I have awesome people around me. I can finally see where i'm heading towards, alhamdulillah.. What more ta ask kan? But at heart, there's something missing. I feel drifted, and afar from purpose? I'm still quite lost. Oh yes, i think too much perhaps. It has always been my noted disease hahaha.

But see, i've always told myself, that life.. is a journey, not a destination. And thats how i'm treating my life. I have expectations, goals, true. But theyre not my destination, they're just pit stops.

My destination, is purpose. Finding it with your heart, is life.. :)
(Yasmin 2010)

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