Monday, April 18, 2011


Children Dearest,

Greetings. (bahahahaha yes, mommy loves to pretend that she's from another planet and give out 'greetings' rather than hellos and hyes :P) Anywhoo, how's school? How's life? Have i scolded you after the previous letter i wrote to you? I have? uUuuu somebody's in tro-uh-bullll lol! What did you do? Wait! dont tell me, did you sneak out to go... volunteEeEer at some old folks home and read stories to the old grannies but afraid to tell me because of some reason that's obviously irrational coz of course i would let you! but yea, was that it?? Awwww u're most def mommy's children alright hahahaha!!!

Well whatever the reason is, do know that, if i scold you, there's always a reason for me to do so, which would alwayyyyyss.. ALWAYS make mommy the RIGHT one. okay? mommy is never wrong, and i'm always ALWAYS right! So don't u ever think of disputing otherwise.. Ayy Ell Double uu Ayy Why assss.. ALWAYS!

*crick *crick....................
*crick crick crick.........

aaaaaaand of course i'm just kidding! hahahaha no, i'm no Hitlerassputia or anything.. ;) But with such a bombastic introduction, (cheyy, angkat bakul sendiri hahaha!) this would bring us to one of the many things i'd like to tell you, before i become a mother and forget how it is to be a child like u :) Okay, perhaps two things. ehee~

One is to never fear me. I would love you to respect me, respect me as your mother, and that is a must kan, but please do not fear me. I am but a human being like you, powerless and would only dream to make you happy, live life the way best suit you and thats it.. (okay, if this mushyness ever come from a guy your grade, its rather psychotic. and i suggest you leave him at once! hahahha but its alright if its coming from your mother though, mothers are special hahaha :P). I'm never gonna lock u, feed you till u're fat, and eat you up like in Hansel and Gretel, coz eating human beings are disgusting haha and of course because i love you guys to bits already!! So don't fear me. If there's anything on your mind, if you're facing with a problem, or if you have questions, i'll be very glad to entertain you.. but of course, timing kene pilih betul2 sket laa.. kalau i'm in the toilet tgh mandi, n u're out there asking me why the grass is green, that's like ASKING for it ya know lol..

Second, would be to always ask why. Seek for reasons, never settle for anything unless if you know why you're doing so. Previously when i said i'm always right, know that, no one is always right accept for Allah and whats stated in the Quran. If you have any doubts, clear them, seek for answers, and thats how you really live. Look around you, love, miracles are happening, but you wouldn't get to know them if you don't notice them and ignore them dont u think? And that would be such a waste.. :) So if i ever scold you for irrational reasons and you dont get why i did so, give me like 10 minutes to cool down, come to me and talk to me and ask me why, and then share with me what you think. If it seems like it ain't one of my good days, and im acting a bit too emotional, tell your dad, he'll 'pujuk' me bahahahahha!, and then we can talk, yes hahahahhaha!! :P

I just finished my toxicology paper today, and boy, do i loathe exams sooo much!! DO they still conduct exams in your time? Whatever it is, I hope you'll be able to do what you really want to do in life children, never say never! (Justin bieber skett haha :P).. till next time, much love and take care of yourselves! :)

ps: Mind doing me a favour and treat me with some good ice cream? love you guys! hahah :D


  1. Ur really a pscho writing this! E-yew!

  2. hahahaha here's the only place that's safe to let out the psychotic part that everybody has in them, cut me some slaaack will ya? lol :P