Saturday, April 30, 2011

Announcing, the arrival of the Duchess of Bukit Putus :P

So my mom, dad, and I were watching the Royal wedding on tele, and i was astounded by the people who came! All the kings, queens, princes, princesses, ladies, dukes, all these important people with important titles, whom i completely may not know much of lol!

But what i was amazed with the most, were the hymns. Regardless of the content, (which i didn't understand, thus rather impossible to believe in it or worship it), the hymns were.. mesmerizing. I felt like i was at calm's peak. At peace. I felt... drugged lol! (forgive me). And then a thought crossed my mind (as to how most of my posts would start with lol! :P), there's no instrument that could beat Allah's creation, the human voice. MasyaAllah..

I've always admired the human voice alone, without being accompanied by any instruments. The first piece that blew my mind was Ahmed Bukhatir's Ya Man Yara and Ya- Adheeman.. heard a group of nasyeeed singing it at a UIA event. Itu lagi la, content dia you understand and you believe in it kan.. it simply warms the heart..

A lovely world, this place we live in really. Every small detail sparks an inspiration. Such a waste not to pay attention to them, and appreciate it :) Here's Ahmad Bukhatir's Ya Man Yara. Have a beautiful Sunday everybody! :)

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