Monday, April 11, 2011


Gazing at their shimmer,
as they were hung up above us,
Like constructed mobiles,
Above a child's cot,
To grab our attention,
To show their presence,

As if they're saying,
"Hey, when will you
be coming to visit me?

I've been waiting for u,
for a very, very, long time"

I wonder how it is to be up there,
To be a part of the whole wonder,
To see it with my own eyes,
To witness,
To feel,
Up close.
To understand.

Perhaps there's someone there, too,
Doing the same thing,
And thinking how wonderful it is,
to discover where i am now,

Yet how will i know..
Will i ever know?
A sudden bolt of pain struck the heart...

But whats logical is,
that they couldn't have made it up there,
without a certain power,
They couldn't be as majestic as they are
Blanketing our nights with their beauty,
if it weren't for a higher calling,

These are signs of a creator's presence,
of The Creator.

How thoughtful of He
to have created these wonders,
To accompany my nights,
Our nights,
Like nothing else can,

No one else can...

A gust of wind whispered
pass my cold cheeks,
Like a lost embrace,
It brought warmth that filled my every vein,
How close He is with us,
with me.

I gazed at the stars again,
These are the stars that we should look up to,
Stars we can never look down to,
Stars that are worth knowing,

And I grinned

"I'll visit u
when the time is right alright,
if not me, my children will.
And I'll make sure of that,

if He wills it.

I'll make sure of it"