Monday, April 4, 2011


Yes, aku dapat plazarah.. SHITSZZU lol.. Not that i don't like the place, i mean, its alright, *hoping to get an awesome view..... and a room thats not directly facing the sun coz i wudn't wanna be bakin' in the room and turn into a nice, puffy, BLOADTED souffle*,but like, where am i gonna park my car? Where am i gonna jog? Exercise?? EXERCISE!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! pfttttt and the thought of the surroundings bringing a whole lot of memories which i hate to be reminded of is not pleasant at all... hmphhhh Buttttt its definitely nothing i can't handle, that i know :) Perhaps, new memories can overwrite the old ones, who knows huh? *Scratch the awesome view, i want a well mannered hottie hunk neighbour livin' next door, yes!* BAHAHAHAHHA!!!! @_@'

So what to blog about tonight.. Lets talk about.. RELATIONSHIPS.. yesss, a topic i rarely talk about simply because............ *crick crick*................WELL I DONT REALLY KNOW WHY I DONT LIKE TO BLOG ABOUT IT, STOP PRESSURING ME!!! *aksi tarik rambut sampai putus!* hahahhahaha.. BUT i feel like blogging about it tonight.. and so, here it goes

Relationships. Why must people be in a relationship? Don't get me wrong, i haf nothing against being in a relationship, lol, but i do tend to ask myself, why? I mean, you can naturally have special feelings for someone, and not be in a relationship kan? Its so much better that way. Being in a relationship pon bukannye u can like really really claaim that person, or at least that's how it is according to my beliefs :) And things will be more sincere in a way.. you'd do things totally out of love tau, not because he or she is just your girlfriend or boyfriend. SO why are people so keen with the idea?

One major reason, would be none other than security.

1. You feel secured having that person you love to renounced to the whole world that he or she is your boyfriend/girlfriend, so the other bitches and jackasses should stay awayyy.

2. You feel at comfort to know that hey, i hav someone special for me, and he or she will treat me special coz he or she's my girlfriend/boyfriend.

3. You feel at comfort to be havin' the idea that you won't be facing the world alone.

4. And most of all, you feel safe to have someone you like to BE in a relationship with YOU officially which technically MEANS that him or her have the same feelings towards you, too. TECHNICALLY tho.

Betul tak? Betul kan? lol. And again, i haf nothing against these reasons either. If you think they're enough for you to proceed, by all means!!! Go ahead!! lol, they used to be my reasons as well whenever i venture myself into a certain relationship.

But whenever something is already official yours, the chase is over, and you tend to lose sight of things, you tend to take things for granted. Taking your partner for granted tu satu, macam aku ckp tadi, you do things merely because of that obligation you have towards that person, and sometimes not purely out of the feelings you have towards that person. Taking yourself for granted is another thing. You become toooo dependent with the idea of having someone to be there, that it shadows your true capabilities, and when he or she is gone, you lose all faith. That is wrong.

The idea of being in a relationship, is simply to have someone there to care for you, to support u. And let it be just that. Its not there to determine how your life is gonna be, its not there to dominate your life, its not there to be the reason for everything, its not there to be the reason for you to live! And when you let it become more than that, you're in deep shit my friend, you're delusional because believe me when i say this, regardless of whatever idea that you've been putting in your minds and how you wanna bend things, IT IS SIMPLY, JUST THAT, AND NOTHING MORE. So to be safe, don't treat it like it is.

Like i said, again, i have nothing against being in a relationship, but when relationships dont go well, its frustrating to see people around me living for the wrong reasons, making the wrong things a big deal in their lives, crossing the wrong lines, and how fucked up their priorities are. You may think, aish yasmin ni, macam bagos je ckp, cuba kalau dia dlm relationship kite tgk macamana.. well sbb aku pernah kene laa aku ckp macam ni skrang.. lol. Before you love anybody, remember to take yourself into account first. Diri sendiri tu jaga dulu, diri sendiri tu get to know first, focus on yourself! This is the time! Siapa lagi nak buat kalau bukan kita? Bila lagi? Nanti dah time untuk kawen, ada anak, haa pikir laa pasal org lain all you want. But now? Now is YOUR time.

*But who am i gonna live for now that he or she is not there? I feel so empty..

If you feel empty, fill it in. Macam laa bila ada that specific person tu, kau tak pernah rasa empty kan? lol emptiness ni, tade org yang boleh make us feel better in that wise aside from ourselves. So take charge of your life, don't let anyone decide how you're gonna be aside from Allah and yourself. Okay, he or she is no longer there, well adapt to it! Now you have more space to do something else, to experience other things. Take this opportunity and don't waste your life with non-beneficial activities. Ramai org kat luar sana yang saket, wishing that they have your health, and here you are wasting it over someone who's not worth it at all. ?_?

Before you take it to the next step, always be honest to yourself and remind yourself of the reasons why you're taking this particular step. Don't take it as something more than you should, and never stray from it. And if it doesn't go the way you've always planned to be, always be reminded that its not the end of the world, until you let it be.

Relationships never come with any warranties.
So don't act like they do.


  1. Totally inspiring! Yeah, I did stupid things before. And u wrote there: Okay, he or she is no longer there, well adapt to it!
    Yeah! Let's change another route and make sure itsa better one! Get going! Yosh!