Friday, March 25, 2011

Dimanche - An original composition by me :)

Hey there! :) Here's my latest piece, which was inspired by the constant showers of late night rain, and the load of work i've been getting lol.. Do not ask how THAT could have inspired me to come up with this, but i guess it shows especially on the hard notes towards the end lol :P I've also combined photos to match up with the melody.. and decided to call it Dimanche, which means Sunday in French.. simply because it felt like the kind of deep thinking you'd normally get on Sundays.. pfftt hahahaha enjoy! :)


  1. min, i really really reallllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy loved thisssssss! :D:D:D

  2. Lol, thaaaanx azwaaa!!!! :D :D Glad u did! ;)