Thursday, March 3, 2011


You're right, i'm not suppose to be blogging at the moment. Instead i should be preparing for my toxicology test which would be starting in another like.. 6 hours? And i have 2 more chapters to go. Haidir will kill me if he knows this lol. But something just came across my mind.

There's a particular lecturer from my university, which i shall not mention which one, who rather gives out stories and motivational talks than delivering her lectures lol. I'm not sure if thats a good thing or not, but she said something, or somethingS that got me thinking.

One of it was to decide on a module for my final project, which i haven't even thoroughly thought about! There are various fields which i could be doing my thesis on. I could venture into toxicology or pharmacology, which would be interesting considering you'll be playing around with compounds, and who knows what you may discover! But then again, there are all those tongue twisted names that you have to remember, their reactions, characteristics.. Sounds FUN already no? hahaha yes, i'm being sarcastic. Perhaps i should leave that to the future pharmacists and chemists lol..

I could venture into microbiology or parasitology, or entomology where i'll be surrounding myself with insects, bacteria, worms, viruses uuuuuuuuuu funkey! lol. All gooey, and eeky, taking samples should be fun. I get to go places, remoted places just to find a particular poop that contains a particular microorganism hahahahahahhahahaha.. probable..

But i guess whats appealing to me at this moment, would be molecular biology. I've always been fascinated by the miracles a cell can do. How they are specified, organized, its such a beautiful concept masyaAllah. How something so puny like genes can code magnificent organisms. Don't you find that miraculously amazing? And if nothing gets in the way with my plans this mid of may, insyaAllah, it would be most related to this field. So i guess i might go for this one.

But who knows.. I've yet to really like REALLY REALLY think about it hahaha. Our dean also told us that John Hopkins is opening its own campus here in KL. and they're offering medicine sciences for biomedical sciences degree holders. Alas, an opportunity to fulfill my dreams of being a doctor! huhu but.. after being exposed to what i'm doing at the moment, i'm not sure if being a doctor is really what i want anymore. Haidir told me not to be a doctor. He said i should explore the world, discover nature, which i couldn't agree more. I can't imagine myself constricted in a building 26/7 lol. Another thing i must figure out soon. Perhaps i'll just take medicine for fun, and once i've gotten an MD, ill venture into the research field. Medicinal knowledge would be very beneficial for me i think, even if i am to venture in the research field rather than being a permanent doctor. hahahaha tapi macam too ambitious pulak.. sheeeshh.. i don't know lol..

Plans. Thats the most you can contribute to your own future at the moment. What would really happen, only He knows kan? InsyaAllah, everything goes well. YAY!! JUMAAT!! BLEY BALEK RUMAH!!! hahahahah toodles~ :D


  1. yasmin,you should be studying..=)

    btw, what an interesting name; toxicology. do they offer a degree in that? What Haidir told you is true. I have lots of friends who reads law but not practicing it. They end up being really awesome guys, packed with the law knowledge they have in hand. You can make really good use of you Medicine knowledge elsewhere. Maybe a song full of medical terms, or Like Haidir told you, explore the world, and discover things. Try to relate your medical knowledge with it and believe me, you'll be surprise by how interesting It can really be. Thats what happen when I relate economics to my daily life.=)

    All the best yasmin, I know you'll be a really awesome lady one day. what is medical knowledge + music? look up for it, will ya? =) Cheers!