Wednesday, March 2, 2011

It is funny

Its funny how something so small, simple, and insignificant,

can trigger a whole lot of anger and animosity..

Its funny how convincing a speculation is,

that it overpowers the voice of factual truth

Its funny how something you work for so hard,

perish in agony by nothing but your own ego

Its funny how you can let it become that way

Its funny how after you say something u loath about someone,

that in a few months later, you become just like that someone

Its funny how humans love to complicate things

and then blame on other things for it

Its funny how people gain confidence,

by letting down the people around them

Its funny how people tend to claim

that they don't have time for things,

yet they have time to feel and indulge themselves

in the things that i have mentioned above

It is also funny how i find this all funny lol,

when all of this can really affect us so badly

But you can't blame me for being this way,

coz it is,





Energy has been one of the biggest mysteries in the world,

one of His greatest gifts,

and this is what people are using it for??

Thank you people, for the humor.

Thank you very much! :)

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