Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Exactly 24 hours ago, i was fairly excited and looking forward to the next day which is today, considering there's no class and that i can do soooooooooooo many things!!! I had loads on my mind already. I thought of going home, and start working on the background music for this performance my coursemates and i would haf to do this coming monday, i also did think of watching a movie, or perhaps pay the 4th year students a visit and support their presentation, spend the day in the library, go swimming, take a morning jog.. Banyak kan?? TAAAPPPIII tu semuaaa angan-angan semata2.

Instead i started the next 24 hours with a discussion at my friend's room till midnight, slept till morning, worked on my library project which i thought would only take 2 hours of my time, but nooo, it took half of my day, and so i couldn't go home :(.. watched a movie on my laptop after that, and went for a jog which i only managed to run half the usual route i usually take (it became nauseating towards the end.. :( .. sheeshh), and here i am, typing the very next line to yet another ranting post lol. I loathe you, assignments!

But, its nevertheless a relief to hav completed them assignments. Or else they'd disturb my future plans AGAIN, and that ain't cool. Anywho, talking about future plans, i'm suppose to give a speech this coming tuesday at the annual grand meeting, which is alright i guess but like i'm freakin' out on what the heck im gonna saay!???!? Like seriously, i haf no clue on what to say.. but i know the begining of my speech would haf "bla bla bla.. Allow me to deliver my speech in English..bla bla bla" though

HAHAA yup, i'm pretty much screwed :S

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