Thursday, March 10, 2011


Ive never been this busy in my whole entire life! Lol im nt sure if thats good in a sense that i get to experience a new 'sensation'..HAHAHA, or if its bad coz i am literally about to lose my freakin' mind.. Gahhh!!

but whatever the case is, here i am, in the bus, waiting for another round of erkh-ness all over again haha. Awesome blossom. Dont fret Yasmin, when times like this strikes u, strike it back! With happy thoughts! ............ Okay, that only lasted for like 10 seconds, GAHhhh!! hahaha..

regardless of the hecticness tho, i find all this quite funny. I mean, here we are trying to get thru life, fretting, whining, complaining, when truth is, we or i, can actually drop it all. I am capable of doing that you knw. I can quit. Live at home, play the piano all day, watch tv.. Eat. Lol! But why aren't i quiting? Is it due to a mere feeling of responsibility? Perhaps. Or is it because, deep deep down, i actually do like getting myself involved and be all busy? Monotone dalaman: seriously yasmin??? Is thaat the case??? Bluerghhh! Daaang it! Hahaha :p

u cant help but to accept the fact that a busy day makes it fulfilling.. N especially when u manage to complete a task within the strictly limited time u're given, u feel this surge of satisfaction running thru ur veins. A feeling that makes u wanna jump up and down, a feeling that makes u smile before u sleep.Dont u feel the same way? Hahaha

but no satisfaction comes easily. this one, unfortunately comes with dopey eyes, massive headache, and an irritating wrinkle across ur forehead.. Shessshh.. I think im abt to haf a fever :S

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