Monday, March 21, 2011

Spontaneous Thoughts

I've been wanting to blog for awhile now, but i'm not sure what to blog about. GAH!! :P So, imma just type whatever that crosses my mind, bear with me lol.

Let's start with whats been happening in my life lately.

1. School.

Nuthin' new there, aside from the load of WORK i've been getting. Sheeshhh PEENNGSSAAAAAAn i tell uuu~~ *dlm intonasi mak cik2x yg pakai gelang emas baru nak start gossip tu hahaha! kesian makcik2 ni, ntah pasal2 kene stereotype.. not that i haf anything against these people. Or perhaps i do? hhahaha kali bile besar, aku plak jadi macam tu.. pergh.. bley bayangkan?? 8-} ANYWAY, where was i.. ah yes, assignments. U know that feeling of satisfaction whenever you've completed your assignment? That good feeling that would hang around for like a day or two, just to remind u what u've accomplished and stuff. Well, thats the feeling i'd usually sought after whenever im given an assignment. In other words, i'd do my best on it, and the feeling would usually linger for like two days or so. But at this RATE that i'm going, baru nak bergembiraaa sbb dah siap satu, datang pulaak lagi satu! Ahaiiii~.. bley coma! Sampai banyak sgt, i'm not sure dah skrang ni ada assignments apa yang tak complete lagi hahahahha tau2 je, phone berbunyi, tgk message~:: "Yasmin, haf u submitted your bla bla bla bla bla bla~" aishhhh rasa macam nak campak phone! hahhahaha... tapi tape.. (<-- style kutan haha!)


Britney Spears claimed that there are two types of people in the world: the one's that entertain, and one's that observe. While she is the put-on-a-show type of girl (which the world couldn't agree less lol), i think its fair for me to say that i'm more of the observant kind, or at the very least i think i am? hahaha. I love to observe. I love talking to people, getting to know how they're living their life, and not to judge after that, but to evaluate and give its own meaning by my own terms. There's a lot that you can learn by just observing.

One of the most prominent things that i've observed lately is how comfort blinds you. Comfort is one of the things people would wanna achieve in their lives, and who can deny how easy life is when you're at comfort, right? Comfort calms you, relaxes things, bla bla bla. When you're at comfort, you'd stay put, and you wouldn't wanna move an inch pon sbb u're at comfort! Why wud u wanna change things? LOL! But is that a good thing? Unless if you're aware of your surroundings, staying put and not wanting to move due to easiness is never a good thing. You'll lose sight of greater opportunities.

Example une: You've been living with the same postcode, within the same neighborhood, the same roof all of your 60 years of life, merely because you feel sooooo comfortable at home and you wouldn't wanna go anywhere else!! 60 years! I could WALK-ON-FOOT and make a huge round trip of the world with 60 years. 3 rounds perhaps! lol see how much this person is missing out on?

Example deux: You're at uni, an environment that puts all kinds of people in one place. People who are brought up from various backgrounds, different ethnicity, people with different interest and views. Yet there you are, hanging out with the same group of people for 4 years, talking to only with the people in that group of yours, going to bathrooms together, study together, practically everything together and no one else, simply because you're comfortable with them. You find that you guys share a mutual understanding simply because you're alike. You think alike. And you think thats enough. OH wow. whoopey. hoorrayy.

But doesn't it occur to you that, say if you just take one step out of your comfort zone, and get to know the other options around you, you might just gain a bit more wisdom, and a bigger picture of things? I mean, thats your opportunity right there! Imagine different people having different opinions about things, and then you integrate them to get an even better conclusion, masyaAllah, wouldn't that be better?? Unfortunately, there's this stigma in our community where everyone just HAS to be normal in their own group. Sadly, not that many have the courage to be different, and more importantly, abide by their own principles. Its sad to see opportunities drift away just like that, dont you think so?

"We find comfort among those who agree with us.
.- growth among those who don't"

Wow, daripada tade pape nak blog about, teros sampai ke sini hahahhaha!! Well, if you're still reading this, thank you bearing with all this. Hope you find it rather useful, if not amusing lol! :P I'mma end this here for now i guess, 3 more weeks till the final exams kick in. bluerghhhhhh... i can't wait for the holidays!


  1. "We find comfort among those who agree with us.
    .- growth among those who don't"

    love dat a lot, really2 wise and insightful ur article this time around :)