Sunday, February 27, 2011

I'm no hero

This might be up on my mixpod soon lol.
Wouldn't it be nice if i was on top of one of the mountains,
gazing down at the other ones around it..
that would be awesome..
I fancy that kind of life ya know..
One dedicated to explore His beautiful creations
I dont think i was meant to stay put within brick walls
I dont think i was meant to sit behind piles of paperwork
or in the meeting room discussing about money
and human behaviour

I'm no hero
I dont think i was meant to save the world
But, I do think i was meant to discover it
I'm meant to roam
Roam the world
and I will, insyaAllah..
I will.. :)

Have an awesome week ahead my friends,
keep all chins up, yea? :)

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