Friday, February 18, 2011

"In My World, We're Free"

This month has been its uttermost hecticness (if there is such an expression lol! :P). So to cool down the building stress, as how all of my originals would start off, i started playing around with notes, and in this case, plucking a few strings, and came up with this melody. Thought it sounded nice, and recorded it :) Its a bit of a mess, i have to admit, especially the part with the bass strings.. lol boy, u dont know how many times i have to record over and over again to get that part right!! I've just started playing the guitar anyway, and i'm still a first-grader (at guitar that is haha if only i am one in real life :P).

Newho, when i listened to this, it sets my mind free, hence the name :) And no, i'm not trying to be ana rafali whoever she is lol. I heard she received an award, congrats to her! But no, this is just to share my music with the rest of the world :) Give it a listen, and enjoy! :)


  1. Hi,

    Nice blog you have here. And oh my, what a nice song the "Unspoken Words" is. =)

    Megat Tariq

  2. Hey Megat Tariq :)

    Lol, yeah? Well, good ta know someone finds it nice :) Thank you for sparing your time to visit this blog of mine, keep visitin' and have an awesome day ahead! :D


  3. Hi Yasmin,

    I am a pianist as well, its just that i'm not as good as you =)I really appreciate these kind of music; In fact, I tweet and blog it last night. Pretty hard to find good music nowadays.

    Keep playing good Music! Cheers!

    Megat Tariq

  4. You actually tweeted and blogged about it?? Wow! thank you soo much for your support! :) And trust me when i say this, if you already know how to play the piano, it ain't that hard to get to where i am now ;) Thanx again! And all the best :) cheers~

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  6. Up to grade 6? Wow, you might be even better than me already lol I didn't get to finish piano and stopped at grade 4 lol. Cello? wow, thats awesome. I've neva known a cello player in real life, aside from Yoyoma and that dude from The Soloist lol. But yea.. Why'd u stop? Bet your room can fit a cello, no? :)

    hehe wow, i'm kinda excited that someone actually twitted my music and stuff. Well, again and again, thank u so much for your support, yea? :)

    ~and i don't SEE ur name at the word 'cheers' so, i can use it too if i want! :P kiddin' haha fine, i'll use somethin' else haha have an awesome day ahead! ;)

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  8. heyyy, have an awesome day ahead is soo MY line lol :P wow, you actually played for an orchestra? I used to play the xylophone for my school band lol but that wasn't much fun aside from hving to carry the humongous xylophone to school lol thank you for the support again btw.. hopefully future pieces to come would be as wonderful or perhaps better lol. Btw, i think you're in the same batch as my bestfriend in uia lol :)

  9. Is it? I don't see your name there..=p
    Yes, I played for my school orchestra. The very humble KYS Orchestra. =) we played at Istana Budaya once.

    Xylophone is pretty hard to play. Its those sticks and you have to like "ting" it one by one without miss..what more with bands, you have to march round the track while playing it right?

    But Xylophone is unique indeed. Its the only thing to ever make it to every spelling book and picture dictionary due to the exclusive letter X it holds dear. =)A perfect fit, I must say.

    oh yeah, totally forget bout that bestfriend of yours in UIA; mind to introduce?

  10. Oh you're from KYS? Wow! That mustve been awesome lol. A cousin of mine used to go there as well, and he picked up violin there, too. Played at the MPO and stuff, quite cool.

    Ahh that bestfriend of mine goes by the name Syahirah Zain lol, ring any bells? :P

  11. Syahirah Zain. Great! I did assignment with her before, and it was great! being in the same class with her quite a few times actually, since foundation till now. =)

    Let me try my luck here; I have few friends from Bangi. What about my bestfriend Abu Zaid and Aidzat Fadzley, U know any of them?

    KYS is awesome, really. I love my school so much I even wear the necktie occasionally =) your cousin was there? Very few guys actually play Violin in KYS Orchestra; hmm, must be familiar. He must be one of the most popular musician in school back then.

    What a small world, Yasmin.. =)

  12. Lol, i've heard of Abu Zaid, i think he's quite close to Syahirah as well, and she mustve mentioned him to me coz he seem quite familiar. As for Aidzat Fadzlee, i know him, too. Pretty good friends with his brother and sisters hehe. U're actually bestfriends with Aidzat? And i'm not sure about my cousin's popularity lol but he is quite the nerd hahaha he actually plays the piano, and like u, only there at KYS did he pick up the string instrument. And you're right, it is a small world :D

  13. Yasmin,

    Nerd, piano and Violin sounds like the greatest KYS pianist ever, by the name of Redzuan Zarool Hassan. If he is your cousin, then yes, he is very popular.

    how do we make the world smaller eh? Facebook, maybe? you were in High school with Syahirah is it?

    hey, Take care of yourself, aite? Now its really near final exam I guess. I dont have to worry bout those since I'm currently doing practical. =P Cheers!

  14. Goodness, Redzuan Zarool Hassan is indeed THE cousin i was talking about, hahaha the world is smaller than i thought! :P Didn't know he was that popular, being the greatest pianist of KYS and all, wow.. hahaha His brother, Azlan is awesome, too, who is in Berkeley taking 'piano performance' as his major which i think is uberly cool. Its breath-taking to see someone pursuing what he really loves and that it is so out of the norm, regardless of what others may say or think. But i dont think u'd know him. Or do you? If you know him, too, imma faint hahaha too many coincidences fer me to handle in a week! :P

    Facebook does make the world smaller lol but these people we've mentioned, i know them by heart and it wasn't just thru the net kind of thing lol. I did go to the same high school as syahirah, and we were the best of buddies ever since the first year of secondary school lol. She's an awesome friend :)

    Finals aren't in another month or so, but it is still a hassle this semester, too many things to be done. Chey, that aint fair :P well thank you megat tariq, u take good care of yourself as well.. :) "Cheers!" haha ;)

  15. Redzuan is really good, maybe because of his long, magical fingers, made it easy for him to play any pieces. No worries, I dont know Azlan, just Redzuan. Actually, I'm the first guy to play cello in KYS, and only male cellist for KYS orchestra during my entire high school days! =) I told my juniors that a lot of famous cellist are guys, and a man with Cello looks damn hot! =P Few actually listen to me and took up cello as well..

    my awnser to a smaller world is Blackberry. We use facebook, twitter, bla3 on blackberry device. The best part is, you only connect to someone you really know via the famous blackberry messenger (BBM). =)

    I always eat hapilly and not taking care of myself lately. Need to control my diet and lose some weight. I bought a nice brown pants for my practical training months ago, it fits nicely back then. Too bad I can fit in it now. The only time I ever wear that pants was in the fitting room so, yeah, I guess U get the picture.

    and hey, whats with that "Cheers!"? anyway, have an awesome days ahead Yasmin ;)

  16. hahahah what a way to influence them juniors of yours huh? :P The only cellist, i bet Redzuan might be able to recall that too. Were you two friends?

    well, blackberry does do wonders lol. I guess the world is getting 'closer' due to the massive means of interaction between one another. There are more ways to reach out to others, so many alternatives, so many options, including bbm, facebook, and the rest, that you can't resist not putting yourself out there ya know. Everybody seems connected to one another, and the difference between now and then, is that we KNOW we're connected haha.

    But as for the world itself, as in physically, i dont think it has shrunken one bit. As a matter of fact, its expanding. We're discovering new technologies, more resources, more theories, new organisms, that its just too much to even mention! And the more we discover, the more we know, the more we do NOT know.. lol.. Funny huh? But i find it all fascinating! Knowledge truly is.. :)

    Aww i feel bad for your newly bought pants :( haha but hey, no worry mate, u're not alone lol. I, too, am gaining weight myself. I kinda haf this theory where i'll lose weight drastically when im depressed, and i'll gain weight easily when im happy hahahhaha.. See how nothing is meant to be all perfect? lol.. But im not sure if its the same thing for other people tho. And hey, if you're healthy still, and happy.. i'd say, eat AWAYYY for as long as u can.. while u still can, right? :)

  17. There's a lot of Cellist, but I'm the only guy.
    Hey, thats a good way to encourage them ok. any yes, being the only male cellist playing among a bunch of young ladies in the string sections while performing in a huge auditorium..thats what made a male cellist hot! =P and its actually kind of unique..what more if its Piano + Cello. =)

    I like the way you potray the world, as in, expanding while shrinking. May I post that in Malaysian Brights?

    I'll gain weight when i'm depress as well as when i'm happy! thats the problem, I love food so much. I really need to control my food intake. sigh. but hey, I'm looking forward for a cheeseburger at Friday's tonight after work, and I wont feel that bad now, thanks to you!. =) oh my, I really love food, especially that cheeseburger!

    Yasmin, I think I'll be going for the Orchestra Showcase by richard Kauffman at MPO next saturday. I wanted to go for "a tribute to John Williams" but the tickets are all sold out! 0_o