Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Unspoken Words - Original Composition :)

Here's a song or a melody that i recently came up with. As usual, i was playing around with my piano, bangin' random melodies while recording it, and this came out of nowhere lol thought it sounded nice, and so i decided to make a vid of it.

I had to give up my old piano 3 weeks ago. This particular piano has been with me for 18 years. YEAH! Imagine that! lol. I guess it had sentimental value to it, yes folks, i did feel a lot sad to give it away, but oh well. You get a hold of things, you let go of things. Nothin' new there kan? So this piece that i came up with, i've decided to dedicate it to my old piano lol.

Music is an art of expression. A way of putting understanding, feelings into a universal form to be shared. Or at least, that's how i picture it. And behind each melody, each note, there's a story. As this piece was an impromptu, which means, i didn't really plan it to be this way, it just came out naturally and unconsciously, there should be a reason why it sounded the way it did hahaha kan? So i listened to it again and again, and the only feelings i got were sadness, ambitious, longing. Is it trying to say that deep deep down, thats how i feel? HAHAHA sheesh..

But whatever it is, towards the end, i get the "don't worry, everything's gonna be alright :)" feeling.. so i hope, that part is true lol. Newho, enjoy the melody!! And feel free to comment on what you think about it. Perhaps you have your own interpretation of it? :)


  1. hi gal...i've reading some random blogs, including yours.. that piece that u was playing is real nice. seriously. keep it up. it sounds sad to me, kinda sentimental skit, but nice :) but y r u giving up on your piano?

  2. Hey there :) I had to give up my old piano, because we're getting a new one. But em, considering it has been with me for a loooong time, it was hard for me to give it away.. :( anyway, thank you for reading!! :D