Thursday, February 24, 2011


I don't quite have much time at the moment, but i do feel like blogging, just to sum up how things are going so far :)

This semester has only two words to describe it, and they are, Fucking and Busy. Yes.. FUCKING BUSY!! With a whole lot of assignments, reports, presentations, lepas tu ada test, quiz, mcm mana tak nyawa-nyawa ikan kaann?? hahahaha dgn masalah club lagi.. oh i can't wait to resign my presidency and be free from all of these programs that i have to supervise. True, i may not be that involved in organizing the programs but if y'all mess up, my ass would be on the line and that ain't fun minions, ain't fun at all! So im praying and hoping that our upcoming events will go on just well, insyaAllah.. huhu cepat laa habes sem ni!! hahaha :P

Yet, even with all that busy-ness, i still found time to have fun, and so i did go for a hiking trip 3 weeks ago, to PD with family about 4 weeks ago, attended a YMP program about the Great Women of Islam which was amazing.. huhu.. :) went to watch another orchestra featuring one of the famous harpist in the worrld!! and he was awesome!! the three of us couldn't stop smiling.. oh and we got to take a picture and greeted personally the conductor and also the harpist himself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahhahahahha gilaaa weyyy.. AND AND AND, one of the musicians touched my phone!! hahahahhahahaha!! yea, we wanted to take a picture, and we just asked for help from the people there, and we ended up asking one of the musicians to do so, at random! mula2 tak sedar, lepas dah tangkap semua tu, the three of us were like, 'he seemed familiar'... in our heads, and aleh2 everything clicked and the next thing u know, we were jumping up and down ahhahahahahhaha!! Haidir, Najwa, Me and a day to remember :D Went for a movie with my family and we all went to the arcade as well lol, that was funny.. aaand aand aaanddd.... i bought myself hamsters to accompany me at college!! HAHAHAAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!! which was sooooo random.. didn't see that one coming.. hahahahha they're superbly cute by the way.. sgt sgt chomellllll :D Now, im officially broke. YES. BROKE hahahaha but i think whatever i spent on, they're all worth it :)

Alhamdulillah, two days ago, i've received an awesome news which i shall tell you guys what it is once its like really really happening. Its 80% confirmed tho i wudn't wanna jinx it.. huhu.. doa2kan la eh? :) Kalau jadi, i might be making friends with one of the the green-earthling owners of a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow lol!! wooops tape, tak ramai reads this blog anyway hahaha :) insyaAllah..

So that is that.. Life is not easy, true, but it is simple if you view it from the right window :) And have you heard of the saying, big things always start from a spark of imagination (or somethin' like that? lol). That, too, is true. Dream big, add in effort, determination, faith and an open heart, insyaAllah, it'll come to you.. :)


  1. Yasmin,

    You surely live a wonderful life, right? =)

  2. If by wonderful you mean all happy and cheerie, no, i dont think i'm living that kind of life lol. But if you mean wonderful as in full of wonders (hence, wonder-ful HAHA :P), then alhamdulillah, i think i do.. :) But everybody's life is wonderful as long as it is pictured that way, no? :)