Monday, February 7, 2011

"The only constant thing in life, is change"

"The only constant thing in life, is change"

I saw this saying once, on some tv commercial. Yea, i've been watching a lot of TV lately, especially when im at home. They have awesome shows now! TopChef, MasterChef, JuniorChef, Boy meets grill, restaurant make-over, food network challenge, oh and that bakery dude.. whats his name.. buddy? yea him! . . . . .fine, lemme rephrase myself. I've been watching a lot of food tvshows lately hahahhahahaha.. go figure? :P

ANYWHO.. where was i.. ah yes, Change. One thing that i've been noticing lately, is how things can drastically change just like that. The environment changes, your situation changes, the people around you change, we change, I change, YOU change. Regardless of in what ever way, good or bad, whether you want it or not, like it or not, it happens. It freakin' happens. And imma say, its scary.

Today, you may be waking up at home by your mom's babblin, as you strettttttch your limbs to greet the sun's beautiful ray shining down your window, with your cat still snoring his ass away, and how you envy his life being all simple and yours not lol. Tomorrow you may be woken by the splash of water on to your face as a car takes the curb and hits the puddle right next to your sleeping port, putting you and your flattened box that you slept on in a state of pure wetness. The next day you may be waking up in the arms of your lover after a lovely rendezvous on some remote island oo la la.. hahaha and the day after the next, you might not even be awaken at all. hmm so yea, situation changes lol. But people say, let the situation change, as long as you hold on to your own principles, you'll be fine.

Now who ever told these people, that one's principles can never change? lol Because they do alright, oh yes they do. People do change, and thats the scariest thing.

Today, your sister might be telling you that she hates pink. The next thing you know, everything she owns is pink in colour. Today your friend might be telling you that she loves cats. The next thing you know, she opens a cat-slaughter house and feed cat-tail soup to some tribe in the amazons hahahha Today your taxi driver tells you to never take on a cab that doesn't go by the meter. The next thing you know, his taxi is without one. Today your president or prime minister tells you that he'll assure you a safe environment to live in. The next thing you know, he's stealin' your iphone hahaha dont ask me why. Today a dude tells you he wants to marry you. The next thing you know, he doesnt want any kind of attachment lol :) Change

Hate it when these things happen huh? It makes you think twice to take in whatever people tell you. But we don't live in a stagnant world. As we expose ourselves to the dynamics of our environment, we can't help but to adapt. See things from a better perspective. Change :) And change is good. It makes things new and interesting. I mean, who'd wanna be livin' a life thats the saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame all the time right? I knw i wudnt want that.

But sometimes, i do wish we'd get a bit of a warning before things start to change... At least tade la terkejut badaaak kan.. hahaha :)

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