Monday, February 7, 2011


Dearest children of mine,

By the time you read this, i'd most probably be dead.. for thats when you'd be getting this letter and all the other letters that i'll be writing to you. May they make you feel very close to me....................NOT!! HAHA typical gila.. no darlings, mommy ain't that lame! Hopefully i'll be alive when you read this, insyaAllah. Well and alive lol :D

Yea, i was about to brush my teeth in the toilet just now, and all of a sudden, i had this idea of writing letters to you guys, coz apparently, grandpa is doing the same for mommy (yea, thats granpa, mommy and your auntie esah. Call her esah, and nothin' else but that okay? hehe), and it'd be cool to keep it like a generation thing, make it into a book, and pass it down or something right?? And we can like put the original copies in a treasure chest, bury it somewhere and create codes to it, and have our own genaration of Da Vinci codes to solve, except that it wont be called Da Vinci.. instead itd be called.. The Yaokiki Codes HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA AWESOME BLOSSOM! :D *crick *crick..... (yea, at the age of 22, mommy is a bit whacked up in the brain, but hey.. u shouldn't be complaining, i bet these genes are in you as well, so you better get use to it! lol)

I have yet to meet your dad. Or perhaps i have, but i dont know if he's your dad just yet lol. At this rate, he could be anybody! A doctor, an engineer, a musician, a clown, a bookstore owner.. an astronaut? (oh please let it be an astronaut. Please let it be an astronaut!!). Well, you know better than i do about this i guess. But truthfully, i'm more excited to meet you guys than daddy really. I've always had this excitement of wanting to be a mother more than being someone's wife. And at this rate that im going, im thinking that i might not even get married, and adopt you guys from somewhere. So i'll have you guys + me + and a heart thats not broken lol. But that's plan B. I'd want you guys to have a dad.. and of course other beneficial reasons.. wooot! XD

so ANYWAY, ill be keeping this first letter short. Mommy has a class tomorrow morning at 8, and its 1am at the moment, yea, bad mommy hahaha.. But i'd like to share with you something before i say good night. Regardless of what happens to you, good or bad, you would always have these three with you all the time to support you if you let them. Your family. Yourself. and of course Allah. Remember that.. Love you loads! Gnite!! :)


  1. hahaha klaka giler min!
    x sangke u lawak mcm ni..

    pesanan utk anak2 min, drpd bakal auntie izzati: ur mommy mg cool!