Thursday, April 28, 2011

6. Bike Riding

6. Bike Riding -- CHECK!!!!!!
hehehhehehe :D

Bike riding was one word, and one word only.. FUN!! lol I took the ride on my usual jogging route, and to be passing by with a bike instead of jogging felt like i was on fast forward or somethin' lol.. but yea, it was fun.

Although note to self, if you ever buy a bike, discard the skinny, hard seats and exchange with a more comfortable one. J Lo would understand why~ hahahahah toodles! :P


  1. min! hahaha jlo would understand whyy?? is it becuz of that thannnngg??? =O hahaha pardon me :p

  2. well, it couldnt be for anything else now could it? Hahahahahahaha!!! Woooopssss :p yes, its coz of the obvious lol :Db