Sunday, April 24, 2011

Cherating :)

I love this picture lol :)
(PS: This was taken by using the self timer tau!
Same goes with yang lain2 dekat beach..
haa coz apparently, no one wanted to
follow me and take pictures pagi ni..
which explains why I'm the only one in the pictures lol
tisk tisk too bad :P)


One fine Morning :)

Mama and Me :)

Ayah and Me :)

I like how the colours blend, it seems all whimsical lol

Sister, Boyfriend, and me haha! :P

Sister :)

Pray for me that i'll do well on my exams tomorrow! :)


  1. you have your mom's look and your dad's smile.
    all the best for your paper.

  2. Thanks ikhwan! :) will def be needing all the luck in the world for this one lol