Saturday, August 21, 2010

To whom it may concern..

To whomever it may concern,

You've got a problem.
You're a coward.
Do you know that?

You deceived me in a way,
I thought you were brave,
You dream like no one else I know,
Building visions and hopes of yourself in the future,
But you seldom care for the things you have now.
And no, i'm not just assuming.

Put me out of the picture,
Put you in the middle,
and with everything that you have now,
and realise that you're just a small speck of dot in it all,
Yet you don't see that do you?
You seldom care.
All you care about,
is what you want after this.
Where's the enjoyment in that?

And when things aren't right for you,
You'll throw in excuses,
One after another,
Blaming this,
Blaming that,
No one is right all the time,
Turn down your ego a bit,
and open your mind.

And the moment when you realise you've lost,
And that you didn't even give your all to it,
That'll be a bit too late to regret,
So cherish what you have now,

I've once said,
What you have now,
Shapes your future..

If you start to lose things that you have now,
Just because you miss sight of things,
What, then, will your future be all about?

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