Friday, August 20, 2010

Should I or Shouldn't I say it?

Have you ever had the dilemma,
of wanting to express something
when there's this little voice in you
telling you that you shouldn't?

I bet you have,
Everybody has,
Its like one of the biggest dilemmas ever!
hahahahha :P

For example,
You have a question to ask,
For permission,
For a request,
Or you have a bad feeling towards something,
But you know you're friend is having her time of her life with that thing,
Or you're disappointed, Hurt, Mad,
And you just want people to understand..
or whatever,
and you reaaaallllyy wanna throw it out there,
But considering there aren't just goldfish and nemos in the waters,
But piranhas,
swimming around,
that could just SNAP at you,
If you throw the wrong thing..
And that would make you think twice..
Somethin' like that..

When this happens,
What should you do?
Should you keep it in, and let them carnivours conquer you with fear?
And everything will be jolly harmonically good,
Or should you just be yourself,
let yourself get snapped at,
which might make you feel worse,
or make the situation worse,
but at least they heard you..
What should you do?

What should I do?

The logical answer to this would be,
That there should be a balance.
If its that important, just say it!
So what if they snap at you,
You should matter too ya know..

But if its not worth the trouble for,
keep it in.. (???)
emm.. yea.. hahahaha :P

Keeping it in has not been my kind of thing,
I've always believed in confrontations,
But I've had to practice this keeping-it-in thing,
for quite a bit recently,
from all different angles..
And I haf to admit,
Even though it may hurt,
It's worth all the patience :)

But like,
say if im in an all honesty mode,
and I say something that might hurt any one of you,
and if its like a huge thing,
like mega important,
trust me,
For a person who thinks a lot like me (haha),
the contemplations of telling,
has ran thru my mind to and fro,
and it just makes more sense for me to tell,
So yea,
here's a bit of a foresee,
And a sorry in advance,
in case if it happens..

Have an awesome Saturday :)

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