Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Things to complete before raya part II

1. Iftar Biomed - This Thursday. InsyaAllah everything goes well
2. Educational trip to Beijing - In progress
3. Blood smear report - OMG, i totally forgot!!
4. Hematology tutorial - This one too!
5. Dr Jacintha's tutorial on immunology - Done!
6. Complete your immunology notes - Done!
7. Complete your biostatistic notes - A lil' bit more
8. Prepare for your presentation on the 24th - Done, and it got postponed. Dayem
9. Post mortem hari interaksi - Done!
10. Be sure to have the organization for the annual dinner before raya - Done
11. Gotta meet Dr Fad - Done
12. Gotta arrange a KSB meeting with Dr Asmah - After Raya
13. Gotta finish your endocrinology report - In BM. Darn
14. Contact Peking University - No response
15. Contact NSTP - Might not proceed with this
16. Contact universities for the mobility program - Some have responded
17. Practice your guitar - I forgot to bring my guitar
18. Try to get past year papers for theory grade 1 - Oh gosh
19. Get a pet fish - Done!
20. Search for the pin for your ball pump - Dah, tapi it broke, again.
21. Gotta find your strength to play basketball, the college team depends on you - Almost there
22. To not miss tarawikh and tadarus whenever im able to perform it
23. Gotta eat more? huhu - Couldn't find the time..

I've settled quite a lot of things yesterday,
Almost all of my problems,
Even with my sister,
There's one more major unsolved matter to be taken care of,
And i shall look through that right after my exams,
If you're reading this,
I hope you'll take note,
Don't bother me with it,
I need time and space,
Hopefully things will go okay..

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