Monday, August 16, 2010


Everybody has the same chance at being the best we can all be.
There is no such thing as being born unfortunate.
Being born stupid.
Had to grow up in a bad environment.
Lack of materials.
Excuses. Excuses.
I don't believe in such things.

To me,
One is rich not by what he or she possesses,
But by want he or she wills to do,
By what he or she knows,
By what he or she values,
By what he or she has accomplished.

You may have lost a leg when you were three,
But you have the will to compete in cycling competitions,
And you managed to accomplish that,
Thats rich

You may be working as a garbage truck driver,
But you appreciate and love your work,
It makes you happy regardless of what people say,
and you wish to go further in such field,
say like thinking of better ways to collect garbage from house to house,
You propose that idea,
accepted or not,
you were brave,
Thats rich

You have 3 bungalows, 2 swimming pools,
It was your father's,
But even though you possibly can have everything in this world,
You're still down to Earth,
traveling to achieve more knowledge,
Discovering new things,
Thats rich

You're bored with your routine life,
Mathematics or sciences all the way,
You're a guy,
And you love dancing,
and so you take a bold step of taking dancing classes,
Regardless of what your friends may say,
You made your move,
Thats rich

Live an exciting life,
A life worth living,
You have no time?
You lack of inspiration?
Trust me when I say this,
If those two are your excuses,
Whats getting in between you,
and the whole world thats waiting for you,
is You :)
So get out of the way,
and do something..

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