Thursday, August 12, 2010

And I wanna make sure..

Its funny how humans tend to take advantage,
on things that are there,
all the time,
and would only appreciate their presence,
once its too late

I see this all the time.
Simple example.
You're off to take an exam,
and while gathering all your things,
You noticed you missed out on your pencil,
You searched your back-pack for one,
But there's none,
and all of a sudden an image came to mind,
of a pencil behind your cupboard at home,
that's been there for years,
all dusty with cobwebs and what not,
and you know its there,
but you took advantage, and left it there
and at that very instance,
You'll go..
Happens all the time huh? :P

But like, pencils are still okay,
but bearable..

But to feel that kind of regret towards something more significant?
Like losing an opportunity?
Or people? huhu
Not a nice feeling i tell you

Out of the many bad attitudes to have,
this would be the one i keep reminding myself,
to not have.
Simply because, I know how my heart is too weak
to face regrets

Things come and go,
People come and go

And I wanna make sure,
I live a life where Ill do things,
That i feel like I want to,
I feel right to,
at that particular moment,
coz i don't wanna be thinking later on,
of how regretful i am,
to not take such an opportunity

And i wanna make sure,
I live a life where a departure of something,
significant or insignificant,
matters less than its presence in my life.

And I wanna make sure,
I live a life where everything around me,
Everyone around me,
for as long as they're with me,
know that regardless of what they made me feel,
good or bad,
I appreciate every single second they have for me..

I'll come for you first thing when i reach home tonight okay? :P


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