Friday, August 20, 2010

"Just a spooonful of sugar helps the medicine go down"

People say I have such a weird taste in music.
I don't blame them.
I would say the same thing.

While people are listening to Muse, Usher,
Okay wait, no, that's a brand hahahahha
I'm trying really hard to list down the newbies,
but i can't seem to find them in this brain of mine
So yea, while all of y'all are up and hangin' with those type of songs,
I listen to soundtracks, instrumentals, and Marry Poppins,
And whenever I share them with someone,
Sadly, they won't get as excited as I do lol,
They'd be something like..
"Err.. ngaaantoknyaa.."
"Oh Okay.."
Disappointing.. hahahaha :P
And no, i've yet to find someone who digs my kind of spliff,
I mean, yea there were a few who came close,
But they dig the ones that haf wordings in them,
Not the true, pure instumental ones that i love,
Its as if i was meant for another era...

It would be cool though yea?
To get a feel of how its like to live in another era,
Where everyone holds firmly with their customs,
All classy,
Classy clothes,
with classy words,
Instead of "I ain't gonna talk to you no more you m-f moron"
it'll go something like,
"Words I have, I shall not waste at this beauty of day, on a breathing good for nothing, snorting animal like you"
or something like that..

I've always found the values the people back in the 18 hundreds perhaps,
To be quite intriguing,
Than the people we have now.
Look at the music they listen to,
The language they use,
The way they dress,
How they live their lives.
How they value respect..

I dont know,
Maybe I am a bit old fashioned..
Oh Blimey..

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