Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The weirdest dream..


And with this, i mean dreams that you get when you sleep,
Not the goals-ambition-future vision type of dreams,
I think that's been on my mind for quite enough of a lot at the moment lol

So yea, dreams when you get while you're sleeping..
You know how like, sometimes,
You'd always wanna dream something thats so not of your reality,
Flying elephants,
Talking umbrellas,
That kinda of willy-wonka type of thing?
It'd be nice,
It gets your mind off things,
i mean, they're suppose to be off things when you're sleeping KAN?????

But that didn't happen to me last night,
I dreamt of things that had sooooo much to do with my own reality,
It's by far the one that relates to whats on my mind THE MOST.
Dayem brain, can't you give me a break?

So I'm not sure where it started off,
The dream i mean,
But one of the events that I could remember mostly would be,
me trying to catch an escaped turtle in an old lady's house (God knows who she was),
and this would relate to how much i want to have a pet in my room in real life,
and i've been contemplating on either a goldfish or a turtle,
But i never got the time to buy one :(

There was me in my basketball jersey,
and a whole lot of chinese dudes speaking in English,
THIS would relate to how i'm worried about my basketball tournament,
About how i don't really wanna play anymore,
And i just had a meeting about it the night before,
and them chinese dudes would relate to the beijing trip and David,
This basketball captain whom i don't know but i have to see,
To pass him the schedule,
And they're speaking in English coz when i saw David's name on the list NOT being DAVID,
the first thought that ran thru my mind was,
why must they change their given name to an English name?
HAHAHAHAHAHA looney much?

And then there was me in a restaurant,
overlooking the sea,
with hard roaring tides crashing the huge rocks on the bay,
and Elissa was standing on one of the rocks..
I asked her to come in, and although it was hard and she almost slipped,
she managed to reach to me..
Well, funny thing is, about the sea thing, i just read a description of someone overlooking the sea a few hours before that, and yesterday was Elissa's birthday, and obviously I am worried about her, too, due to certain things. But i know deep deep down, she'll work things out in the end, and i've been keeping this thought for a while in my head, and BAM!! It CAME UP IN THIS FREAKY DREAM AS WELL!! goodnesss...

And then there was this part about meeting a friend of mine and his sister,
This friend of mine loves his sister sooo much,
and he was walking around some alley,
and i was following him from behind,
Stalker much?
coz i was amazed by how close they both were,
but in the end, I lost him..
Well, THIS SPECIFIC FRIEND of mine, just got back from Bali,
and I just sent him a wall post before i went to sleep that night,
and considering im having issues with my own sister,
I guess that was why i was following him in that dream..
Like.. whatever happened to my flying elephants???????

And then there was a part about marriage,
I'm not gonna elaborate much here,
Its too personal huhu,
but like, its been on my mind as well,
The good,
The bad,
That kind of thing,
And it appeared in that dream too..

Its either i've been thinking about these things too much,
(But i don't think thats the case, coz like there are other things thats on my mind which i think MORE of),
or that my mind was rearranging memories at that time,
That it happened to work on those sections,
and that made me dream about them..
HAHAHA what on earth am i justifying about again?

But whatever it is,
Its funny how my mind mashed up all the information,
and created glimpses of them like that,
No computer can do that in an instant,
and yet regardless of how looney they are,
they made sense,
they made meaning,
The wonders of a human mind,
MasyaAllah :)

Maybe Im thinking too much of the dream,
But like, thinking too much is me,
And i can't help myself,
Its not like i want to,
the thoughts just come and go,
Even when i want them to stop,
sometimes i can think of three things simultaneously,
I'm not kidding..
But i think everyone can do that as well,
please say yes.. hahaha

and no, im not a mental retard,
haha but i may be if my brain wont stop overdoing itself..
so please brain, give me a break!

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