Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Things to complete before raya..

1. Iftar Biomed
2. Educational trip to Beijing
3. Blood smear report
4. Hematology tutorial
5. Dr Jacintha's tutorial on immunology
6. Complete your immunology notes
7. Complete your biostatistic notes
8. Prepare for your presentation on the 24th
9. Post mortem hari interaksi
10. Be sure to have the organization for the annual dinner before raya
11. Gotta meet Dr Fad
12. Gotta arrange a KSB meeting with Dr Asmah
13. Gotta finish your endocrinology report
14. Contact Peking University
15. Contact NSTP
16. Contact universities for the mobility program
17. Practice your guitar
18. Try to get past year papers for theory grade 1
19. Get a pet fish
20. Search for the pin for your ball pump
21. Gotta find your strength to play basketball, the college team depends on you
22. To not miss tarawikh and tadarus whenever im able to perform it
23. Gotta eat more? huhu

oh wow.. HELP?

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