Wednesday, June 9, 2010

An Empty Well

1. I miss my bestfriends. Its been awhile since i get to talk to any of them personally. I miss talking to Syakirah, listening to her solid opinions. I miss Syahirah's comforting perspective. I miss messing things up with Elissa. I miss Rabia's push whenever I'm all weak. I miss them all, so badly.

2. I miss New York. I thought vacay-ing would heal that, but I was wrong. Instead, it reminded me nothing else but that and the reasons why I've been missing it so badly.

3. I miss being all cold and feelingless. I feel stronger that way. But all I feel now is weak. Very very weak.

4. I miss Him. I really do. I miss His presence. I've failed to feel it lately.

5. I miss believing in my dreams. Believing that i can achieve whatever that I want

I'm confused. With everything.
Oh London Bus.
Hit me.

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