Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Heart

The heart.
The heart is one complicated organ I tell you,
One that gives life to the rest,
as it delivers essential needs so the rest can be at its best.

And its beats signal life,

as it goes lub dub,

lub dub,
lub dub...


Stop heart, enough,
Stop from beating for once,
For as long as you pump blood through these veins,
You're making me feel all these excruciating pain.

By your first beat you made me cry my lungs out,
As i entered the world making mama all worn out,
And after 23 years you're still at it again,
Making me feel pain, pain, and pain on repeat without a bend.

You make me feel pain as i look at my people,
Desperate for the world uptil they're willing to hurt other people,
They betray, they lie, they steal, they stab,
I dont wanna raise my child in a world that's gone mad.

You make me feel pain as i look at myself,
Getting knocked down again and again with a hand hanging by a shelf,
Yet im still trying to climb up and reach for the sky,
Even though pain has poked both of my eyes.

Heart, you make me feel torn in confusion,
And create uncertainties and delusions,
Have i not been nice to you heart?
Why are you being so damn fuckin hard?

They say breathe Yasmin and calm down,
But couldn't they see the more i breathe the closer i get myself to the ground?
So if thats where i'm going, might as well i just go there now?
Saves time, saves space, don't you think so, pal?

These feelings you've created,
They're like countless of hurricanes tearing my insides as they all mustered,
Mustered into toxic paste contained in a jar,
A jar of explosives that can win a world war.

But perhaps,
Just perhaps,
to win a war,
that is why you make me feel them,
To create these jars so that i can use them,
So i can win my own wars with stronger defined purposes,
So i can carry up high, with pride, broadcasting to the world, my emblem.

This emblem that represents me for me,
Represents me, my stand, and what i'm fighting for,
And i'm fighting for what i believe in deeply,
Regardless of how many times i fall.

And if thats the case then you know what,
Don't ever stop pumpin, heart,
And pain, oh u bastardly pain,
Poke my eyes out, take away my limbs,
Tear my insides, incinerate my skin,
For, heart, i guess with all this pain,
you'll indirectly supply me strength from within.

And if pain gives me strength,
and if strength is what i need to get thru one pain,
if strength is what i need to end one pain before i jump into another,
And if life's gonna be circling that way,
this way as I've gathered,
Then pour me with all the pain that you have,
Prepare me heart with strength for every second that you'll beat,
And until that day you've decided to give up on me,
I will try my best to never give up on me, too.

Coz we both know that those beats you beat,
they signal life.
My life, as it flows within

and them beats,

They're for me.

And they're for nobody else but me.

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