Sunday, June 9, 2013

Winged Words

Should you allow anything at all,
To shadow you along this wanderer's call,
Let it be a flock of winged words,
That plagues you deep within your soul

That sings an intricate belief through every vein,
That beats for significance in every decay,
Of a dire purpose to never give up,
But to soldier on for a better day

For this journey you're on may deafened you,
Like knives it'll constantly blind you and bruise you,
Yet even if it drains your blood and exhausts you,
Let these words haunt, 
Let them guide you

Let these words hum within your every bone,
You'll hear them so often,
That you'll understand the depth of each note,
Of that one dire purpose that you'll forever hold,
That one dire purpose to soldier on,
And soldier on you shall, love,
Until your heart reaches home :)

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