Thursday, July 15, 2010

A morning thought..

"Kito nia en, kalau kongkawan nak golak2 with, mmg raaamai. Buleh laa kau golak sini, sano, sampai dunio pon tak dapek nak ingat lai en? Tapi, bilo kau nanges.. You would always cry alone. The most any other person can do pon, is to ask, "whats wrong? are you okay?".. "

"Papopun, family paling penting, sobab dio sonang jo. Bilo kau mati nanti, yang tanam kau family kau jugak. All these other people can do is to come, and say "Apa jadi eh? Smalam den tgk slamat jo laie.. tak tosangko dek den do bondo nia nak jadi.. "... "

"Lepas ni, kau terus blaja je lagi, saaaaaaampai habes! Dah habes degree ni, cari lagi. Blaja lagi, poie moghato2 tompek. Den takdo nak kesah do.. Poie laa.. Allah dah bagi dunia yang luas ni, it would be a waste to be narrow minded, and to live stagnant at one place..."

"Bagi Ayah eh, org yang pergi africa kaji animals, org macam kat national geography tu, even though they might not be earning a lot, but trust me, they're enjoying their work, coz they're doing something they love. Ayah tau kau ni bukan jenis yang duduk kat meja, terima kertas patu sign.. Tapo do, den tak kesah, janji ekau poie buek apo ekau suko.. "

"Kadang ayah tengok yang muda2 ni patu kawen, rugi amek. Especially to the girl. Pani die mesti sebok nak jaga anak la, itu la, ini la. Mmg sampai situ je la life dia.."

"Ayah sebenarnya menyesal tak habeskan blaja.. sampai hari ni menyesal. Who knows, kalau ayah habes blaja, ntah2 ayah dah bley jadi CEO semua.. But walaupun ayah ada degree je, I was very lucky to be given the opportunity to do something that i love, and i managed to excel in it. Not everybody is as lucky as me. You might not be as lucky.. "

"Anyone who puts their mind to do something, will get it done. Trust me.. "

and while he was blabbering away, i didn't say a word.. Not because i was not listening, or was not agreeing to what he was saying. But i was taking each word in and was touched by how much he knows me, how much he knows the kind of thing that i want to do when I have yet to even tell him or share with him my future plans.

To me, life is simple. It is. Easy or difficult, thats for you to evaluate on your own, but it is truthfully simple. Everybody, since young, has been taught to have an ambition. To have dreams. And a successful life on Earth would be when you reach that dream and that you're happy about it. Be it to be a garbage truck driver, or a wall painter, or a musician, or a doctor, if thats your dream, its worth your whole life to strive for.

The community has always been very judgmental when it comes to success. Its something i've noticed quite recently. To most of us Asians, Malaysians in particular, success would mean to be a doctor, an architect, a lawyer, an accountant, an engineer, a CEO of a company, someone who earns BIG MONEY, who possess a lot of things. And for those who does not own much, have always been labeled as being unfortunate. Well, read my lips. thats FUCKIN' BULLSHIT right there, straight from the oven lol.

I used to be very judgmental too, until I went to the UK recently, and that opened my eyes. True, most of them were in coats, working on daily shifts with briefcases and what not. But what amazed me was not these people, but their taxi drivers, their construction workers, their farmers, their cashiers. These people were with a job, i once thought was so-so, but they're not Indon workers. They're all English people. Good looking, English people. Those whom we usually look up to. Or i would look up to. Those whom I've always thought have the opportunity to go greater heights, and yet they're doing those things. Not only that, they looked very happy while doing it, very careful, very friendly. Base line, they were happy. I'm not saying that being those things were what they've always dreamt of being. But what if it is? What if its a stepping stone for better things to come? What if to them, its more than enough? Does it mean they're unsuccessful just because they're doing something the community thinks is not much?

I came back home after that, and i was in the car, and i saw our locals doing the same thing, and then i thought to myself. A person with a jacket and a briefcase, may earn a whole lot of money, may earn better acceptance from the community, but someone like that can never experience what those who washes the drains every morning are experiencing, and that is simply true valuable achievement right there.

So, with all this, i've concluded a few things.

1. Life is simple. Easy or difficult, that's for us to decide on our own.
2. Nobody is unfortunate, except for those who are not grateful
3. Success in life is measured by you yourself, and not the community, not your family, not your husband or wife. Just you.
4. And nothing is more successful in life than reaching your own satisfaction, living with pure happiness..

My future visions were clouded recently. Its written all over in my past posts lol. But I think i have a sturdy one now, which I shall strive for till the very last word of my book.. and that is to gain as much experience, and as much understanding of this world as i can. Be it an experience to live with the aborigines, or robbing a bank haha!, or walk near a volcano, or go to space, I want to experience these things :) Like my father told me, Allah has given us a huge platform to perform. It would be a waste to leave one tiny bit undiscovered.. :)

and ps: I love my father :)

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