Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Yesterday was expected to be all about accomplishing missions.. Apparently, it didn't JUST go about that huhu..

1st mission was to surprise my best friend on her Birthday
2nd mission was to successfully complete my phlebotomy lab practice
3rd mission was to visit the mosque in IIUM

Lets talk about my phlebotomy lab practice first. Phlebotomy is the practice of drawing blood, specifically from our main veins (cephalic vein or the median cubital vein which is located at the hinge of your elbow). At first, when i heard that we were suppose to do this, i was all freakin'ly excited!! I mean like, not just ANYBODY will get this sort of practice ya know hahaha. But the moment i got to know that we were suppose to do it on each other, i began to panic hahaha. Like me, these course mates of mine have never done this before. What if they poke too deeply into my vein? What if they rupture my vein? What if the needles are not properly sterilized? What if I injure somebody? OMG, what if I get infected by some virus thru this practice? Am I ready to put my life on the line???? hahahahhahaha so much for thinking its all fun and exciting! But then i remembered how i wanted to gain new experiences, and so I went for it anyway.

So our lecturer, AP Dr Balqis, stopped by at each lab, to demonstrate on how its being done, and of course, she needed someone to do it to. Everybody was psyched and afraid! hahahaha i was kind of nervous as well, but when i thought about Dr Balqis puncturing my vein and one of my course mates doing it to me, i would most likely prefer Dr to do it to me instead. Safer? hahahahahah and so when she arrived at our lab, I volunteered straight away.. hahahah everybody was like, "waa Yasmin, kamu sangat belaani o.." "Wow, you're so brave!" yata yata yata... but to me, they're the brave ones, for they can actually trust people who have no experience at all over a REAL doctor. I can nver do that. HAHA! :P It didn't hurt at all really, but it was the after affect that got to me. She only took like half a cm of my blood, but i felt so drained out thru out the rest of the day. I almost fainted.. huhu and yeah, i was fasting at the same time. I didn't manage to practice it on someone else though, we ran out of time. I only got to do it on the dummies they've prepared for us lol. It was an exhausting morning, but I was never wrong to think of it being fun and exciting in the first place.. because it was :) So mission was partially accomplished.

After my lab practice, i had two more classes, and then i was off on another mission of mine, which was to surprise Syahirah. There were a whole lot of complications that i had to deal with to make this one work really. A lot of changing plans here and there hahahaha and Syakirah wasn't physically here to help :(((((( But, instead, it gave me the opportunity to work with new people this time around, and syakirah was there as well, virtually :) So what actually happened was right after class, i went back to my room, got ready, took a taxi to Kg Baru LRT station, took a train to Gombak, waited for Aidzat to pick me up, picked up cupcakes from Anis, went to the mosque for maghrib prayers, picked up Zaim, tros pegi Sate Station in Setiawangsa, and that's when we surprised Syahirah from behind lol. She shouted TWICE out of pure shock!! hahahahahhahahaha that was satisfying :P And all of us had sate for dinner. After that, we smothered cupcakes on to syahirah's face, which was awesomely fun hahahaha and Aidzat sent me home :) Aside from just wanting my best friend to have a wonderful 20th birthday with the group of people that she's close with, I achieved a bit more than what i bargained for. I got to work with new people, as i've mentioned before :) I know you guys won't be reading this coz i don't think you know this blog exists anyway hahaha but thaaank you sooooo much, firstly to Aidzat, for supporting me and the whole crazy idea, for offering your help to fetch me and send me straight to UKM, and simply for being there hehe :) I appreciate and am grateful for it all (okay, i wanna say it here, but i'm trying my very very BEST to hold back since its on my blog and like.. pda-ing is not cool in our terms.. but like.. i dont really care.. but like.. i have to care.. blergh hahaha you know what goes here la kan haha so thats good enough :P) :) To Syakirah, although you weren't there physically, but you were pretty much involved in the whole planning process, and I'm glad that you're part of it too or else it wouldn't be as perfect huhuhu i miss you a whole lot sya :(( Next, to ANIS!!! hahahahahha oh emm gee, like, you're such a funny gal to hang out with hahahahha seriously BEST! and gosh BABE, i couldn't have done it without u, and im serious!!!! Thanx a lot!! Qiqi, thank you for the dinner and for helping out as well lol. I wish i could get to know you more, all the best in life!! haha :D Zaim, goodness, hahaha i have to say this, you TALK EXACTLY LIKE SYA. I'M NOT KIDDING!!! hahahahaha it must be the similar set of teeth hahahahah!!! kidding! :P thank you for coming, it was nice chatting with u and stuff lol :P Hanif, although you couldn't make it, but you did bring home Syahirah just in time, and THAT WAS THE PART i was worried the most!! hahahahha thank you for doing so! :D And last but not least, Thank you Allah, for making this possible, for giving me the chance to make my best friend feel special and for giving me the opportunity to meet these wonderful people. Alhamdulillah.. 2nd mission, accomplished :)

Through out accomplishing the two missions i had written about previously, in the midst of it, deep down in my heart, I had a mission of my own. Not one that was assigned for me, nor was it for someone else. But this mission was for me. My heart. And that was to visit IIUM's mosque. Reason being, I just wanted to see how it was, how the environment was, considering IIUM is the international Islamic University and all. True, I was expecting more of an architectural amazement. But that was not the only thing that i got. The moment i stepped inside the Mosque's plaza, i was amazed by how everything actually revolves around the mosque. All the faculties (kuliyyah), the main facilities, everything was revolved around the mosque. I couldn't stop gazing at every single detail of what was put in my sight. It was simply beautiful huhu. As I entered the mosque itself, I saw another part of it which was beside the woman's praying area, and that area was lighted, with so many people walking around. That place was alive.. MasyaAllah.. simply breath taking. When I was about to take my wudu', groups of girls were sitting in a circle, breaking their fast together.. Not to mention, the bilik wudu' itself amazed me, not because it was beautifully crafted, but because there were people in there, filling up the empty spaces.. huhuhu.. btw, it was 7:50 ish when i reached there, so it wasn't really a peak time for people to go to the mosque. Selepas selesai ambil wudu', i went upstairs again, back to the praying area.. while putting on my telekung, getting ready for solat, i noticed the people around me, and that there were many different kinds of people in there. From many different places. Speaking their own languages, discussing their own fields of His knowledge. And yet despite these differences that they all had, despite the personal agendas all of us had that night, at that moment, we were all gathered for one cause, and that was to solat for Him. And for once, amongst these strangers, I felt soo secure and safe from everything huhu I felt protected, by Him.. MasyaAllah.. Only He knows how i felt at that time. Even i don't have the words to describe it.. I wish i didn't have to leave that moment.. huhu.. My heart was touched, not only by how things were constructed, but by how most of the people there made that place a main thing in their daily lives.. By how regardless of their differences, deep down in their hearts, it is the love for Allah that unites them.. Magnificent mosques are being built in so many places here in Malaysia, but only a number are being brought alive.. And after so long have I seen one that is being brought alive without that day being a special occasion (tarawikh, solat jumaat, etc.).. Ya Allah.. What I saw, and what I gained that night was sacredly beautiful, and I am grateful to You for giving me the opportunity to witness this as well. You know whats best for us all.. huhu.. Mission 3, accomplished as well, alhamdulillah :)

And so, yesterday was not just about accomplishing missions, yesterday meant a whole lot more.. :)

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