Tuesday, January 11, 2011


And this shall wrap up the loveliest birthday ever.. Thank you to all of you who spared a few seconds just to wish me Happy birthday, i appreciated that a whole lot.. thank you to the ellis for the endless support, and of course the wonderful suprise hahaha thank you haidir for the video hahaha :) thank you to my girls Syahirah and Syakirah for the most AWESOME weekend ever.. and for the priceless friendship.. wudn't want my bestfriends to be anybody else :) thank you to my cousins, uncles and aunts :) to Ayah and Mama for.. basically everything.. huhu :') and thank you aisyah, even if you're the only sister i've ever had, i know by heart you'd be the best sister alive anytime.. wudn't want any other ♥

And last but not least, thank you Allah, for providing me with the most lovely company one could ever ask for.. May all of us be blessed by Him always..insyaAllah huhu.. :)

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